Introduction to TikTok | March 2022

Social Media Management has partnered with TikTok to allow you to directly view your content, track success, and engage with your TikTok conversations directly in Social Media Management.

Below, find out more about the new features, what to expect in each module, and how to connect your TikTok channels.

What was Introduced?

Following Social Media Management’s new partnership with TikTok, it’s now possible to connect your TikTok Business and personal accounts (including Creator accounts) to Social Media Management. Once connected, you can view and interact with your TikTok content directly in the Publish, Engage, and Measure modules. Please click the headings below for more information on what you can see in each module:

Connecting TikTok Channels to Social Media Management

Any Social Media Management user with a user role of Admin or Team Leader can connect a new TikTok channel to Social Media Management. The user connecting the channel to Social Media Management must be able to access the TikTok account via a web browser. 

Please visit our complete guide on connecting TikTok Channels to Social Media Management for more information and FAQs.

TikTok in Publish

Viewing content

Following the connection of your TikTok channel, you will be able to see your posts both in the Publish Calendar and in your list of Published content (from the Content menu on the left). You can use the Filter option from the top of the page to limit your calendar to TikTok content.


By clicking to open and view your content in Social Media Management, you will see:

  • The full video and caption
  • Your channel name
  • The sound/music used
  • Related videos
  • Post insights, including likes, comments, and shares

While viewing your content, you can also choose to add labels, add notes, or share your content externally.

Publishing content

In Publish, you can also choose to create and publish one video at a time. To get started, click Create Post > TikTok > (Select your channel) > Create TikTok Post.

While creating a post, you can choose to add a description (150 characters max.) and toggle comments, duets, and stitches on/off.


Please see our media attachments guide for recommended media guidelines for TikTok content.

TikTok in Engage

In Engage, you can choose to set up an Engage feed specifically for your TikTok channel’s content. You will be able to see:

  • Your channel’s videos, along with the audio, description, music used, and all hashtags
  • Your video’s comments
  • Your video’s comment replies (threaded comments)

Due to TikTok API restrictions, it will not be possible to see the following information:

  • Content originating from any channel other than your own (e.g. mentions of your channel).
  • Comment author information (username, profile image, or verification status).
  • Any authors @mentioned in comments.
  • Comment sentiment.
  • Pinned comments (coming soon).

While viewing your content, you can reply and leave additional comments on your videos. You can also choose to add labels, assign, add notes, mark as read, mark as spam/priority, and like. However, please be aware that there are some Engage actions which are restricted for TikTok content.

Please visit our full guide to viewing TikTok content in Engage for more information on setting up your Engage feed and interacting with your content.

TikTok in Measure

While creating a new dashboard in Measure, you can now choose the new TikTok Overview dashboard template. This new template is designed to showcase the fans, reach, and engagement metrics of your TikTok channel and your content.

mceclip0__12_.png mceclip5__3_.png

However, you don’t have to stick to the new TikTok Overview dashboard template to view the success of your TikTok channel. In any existing Dashboard, you can also choose to edit the included channels, networks, and metrics to include TikTok.

Please see our Measure Metrics by Network article to see all of the supported channel and content metrics for TikTok.


Channel metrics cover statistics about your entire channel and combined data from your posts. Channel metrics can not be included in Content Performance widgets.

Content metrics cover the performance of your individual posts. Content metrics can only be included in Content Performance widgets.

How much historical data will I see in Measure?

Visit our Historical Data article for the most current information on how much historical data will be available in Social Media Management after connecting a TikTok channel.

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