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Have a look at the latest product updates we released in March 2024.

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LinkedIn Messaging for Pages

LinkedIn Messaging for Pages is a new direct messaging feature, that enables LinkedIn members to initiate conversations with company Pages. This can be on various topics such as service inquiries, demo requests, career opportunities, or support needs. Select conversation topics that are featured on your Page to let members know what types of messages you are open to receiving.

With this feature in Engage, managing and responding to messages becomes effortless, enabling you to interact closely with each member. Whether these are your potential clients, prospective applicants or a future business partner, this feature presents great opportunities for growing all aspects of your business.

Discover more about the feature and all it's benefits in our Blog post, and in the Help Center article

X (twitter) Nested comments and mentions

We have made several improvements to the comments structure, and mentions in posts and comments.

Nested comments

We have revamped the X (twitter) comment section by introducing a second-level hierarchy. Comments posted to comments, will be displayed as a separate tier in Engage. This enhancement provides a more structured view, rather than one continuous list.


Mentions in Posts

Previously, when your brand was mentioned in an X (Twitter) post, you could only view the initial mention in your feed, without any accompanying comments. With the latest update, Engage now displays all first-level comments associated with that post. This update offers you valuable insights into the ongoing conversation surrounding your brand's mention.

Mentions in Comments

For mentions in X (twitter) comments, you will now see the original parent post, along with the mentioning comments, regardless of whether the comment is posted to another comment. If your brand is mentioned in multiple comments under one post, these will all appear under that same post in your feed. Previously, each comment mention showed as a separate item. This streamlining of your feed simplifies the browsing experience, and provides a quick context for your brand mentions.

Learn more in this Help Center article.

4_Engage X Twitter nested comments.png


TikTok creator marketplace API integration

TikTok's Creator Marketplace API is the new source for all TikTok data for all modules across Brandwatch Influence. This transition is an exciting development that gives direct access to TikTok data, ensuring the most reliable and up-to-date information across all Brandwatch Influence modules.

You'll gain valuable insights into audience data in the Campaigns module, and you'll even have the option to amplify your influencers' posts through the spark functionality (boosting). Because Brandwatch is an official TikTok partner, you’ll get to benefit from early access to new data and advancements to the TikTok Creator Marketplace API in the future. Please find here below an overview of the most relevant updates.

Discover module

Changes in TikTok data available. You will see changes in Discover filters for TikTok influencers and also in the data available in reports - as we will now display data provided by the official TikTok Creator Marketplace API. Please check our Help Center article to learn more.

CRM/Influencers module

Add TikTok accounts to your CRM. TikTok accounts who are in TikTok Creator Marketplace can be added to the CRM both as non-authenticated and authenticated accounts, while TikTok accounts who are not in TikTok Creator Marketplace can only be added as authenticated accounts - learn more in our Help Center article.

Campaigns module

  • Track campaigns by sending orders. You will not be able to detect campaign posts on TikTok using keyword detection. Instead, you will have to create orders for the influencers and invite them to the campaign on TikTok: this will allow them to post content tied to your campaign on TikTok. Once the influencers upload the campaign’s posts, these posts will be displayed under the “Published Posts” in the campaign under the dedicated TikTok section. Learn more here.
  • More post-level data available. Thanks to the integration with TikTok Creator Marketplace, you will be able to track more post-level metrics such as audience demographics. Check the full list here.
  • Leverage Spark Ads. You will be able to send to your influencers an authorization request to boost (promote) their campaign’s posts using Spark Ads on TikTok. Read more here.


Automated labelling of published posts

You can now set up automation rules to automatically label your published posts based on specific keywords in the caption, or when the post is published to a specific channel.

Easily scale the label usage across your entire organization, while eliminating the need for your team to apply labels manually each time they create posts. As a result, more posts can be accurately labelled, helping you stay organized, save time and enhance accuracy of your performance analysis in Measure.

Note: Automated labelling applies only to posts published from this point forward, and after setting up an automation rule.

Learn more.

New Publish Instagram editor - media validation support and more

Introducing our new and improved Instagram editor, aimed at simplifying your workflows when working with Instagram posts in Publish. You can now see two tabs, namely ‘Post’ (which includes images, reels and carousels) or ‘Story’. 

Moreover, this update introduces three new features:

  • Enhanced media validation for error handling, supporting both images and video files.
  • Upload custom thumbnails for Reels, providing greater control over your content's visual presentation.
  • Ability to tag products in Reels, facilitating effortless integration of products into your content.

These features aim at saving you time and optimizing your Instagram management, empowering you to focus on what matters most – creating engaging content and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 14.09.28.png

Custom targeting for LinkedIn 

Following the LinkedIn custom targeting in Advertise, we're thrilled to extend this capability to Publish. Previously, audiences needed to be created and saved within LinkedIn's campaign manager, to be accessible in Publish. Now you can manually target your desired audience in Publish, using LinkedIn audience socio-demographics. This update saves you time and improves your workflow when setting up ads for LinkedIn.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.42.12.png

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