Viewing LinkedIn Direct Messages in Engage

Engage feeds can monitor direct messages from your LinkedIn Page, helping your team stay on top of your private customer interactions with your Page within Engage’s collaborative infrastructure. In this article, get an overview of the requirements to enable messaging for your LinkedIn Page and set up your direct message feed in Engage.

LinkedIn direct message features

LinkedIn direct messages are fully integrated with Engage feeds to handle your customer engagements. Some of the standout features are:

Enabling LinkedIn direct messages

Your LinkedIn Page direct messages can feed into Engage once you have enabled messaging in your LinkedIn Page settings and connected your LinkedIn channel to Social Media Management.


You must be a Super admin or Content admin for your LinkedIn Page in order to enable messaging. Please visit LinkedIn’s help center for more information on LinkedIn Page messaging.

To enable direct messages for your LinkedIn Page, please follow the below steps in your Page settings:

  1. Go to your Page super or content admin view.
  2. Click Inbox in the left menu.
  3. Click the … More icon to the right of Inbox.
  4. Select Inbox settings from the dropdown menu.
  5. Turn on the Message button toggle on the right.
  6. Select at least two conversation topics. Company Pages and Showcase Pages can choose between the following topics: Service request, Request a demo, Careers, Support and Other. University Pages can choose between the following topics: Admissions, Careers, General info and Other. Learn more about conversation topics from LinkedIn’s help center.
  7. Click Save in the upper-right corner.


Once you have enabled messaging for your LinkedIn Page, you will need to connect your LinkedIn channel to Social Media Management to authenticate our platform’s access with your LinkedIn account.

If you had already connected your LinkedIn Page to Social Media Management, you will need to refresh your channel connection as a final step for Engage to access the enabled direct messaging for your Page. Please visit our article on Reconnecting and Refreshing Channels for steps on refreshing your channel.

Once your LinkedIn channel is connected/refreshed, you will be ready to set up your LinkedIn direct message feed in Engage.

Creating a LinkedIn direct message feed in Engage

Please use the following steps to quickly create a direct message feed in Engage:

  1. In Engage, click the Add Feed button in the top-right corner in your Feed overview.
  2. For the option On network(s), select LinkedIn.
  3. For the option Of type(s), select Direct Message.
  4. Give your feed a unique name, such as “LinkedIn Direct Messages.”
  5. Click Save Feed.Create LinkedIn direct message feed in Engage.png

Your feed is now ready for use and you can take handling actions for all incoming LinkedIn direct messages. If desired, you can further adjust the options in your feed to suit your team’s needs and workflow.


At this time, LinkedIn direct messages will not be available in the Engage mobile app.

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