Viewing X (Twitter) Content in Engage

Engage can help your team monitor your brand’s customer engagement on your X (Twitter) account, such as mentions of your brand in posts (tweets) and comments, and direct messages from your customers. In this article, learn what to expect when viewing your X (Twitter) content in Engage.

What X (Twitter) content can I see in Engage?

From the moment you have successfully connected your X (Twitter) channel, you will be able to view the following content in Engage:

  • Your channels’ own posts (with likes and repost (retweet) count) and comments
  • Reposts created by your channels
  • Quote posts (quote tweets) as a repost including the shared post and additional text
  • Promoted posts
  • Direct messages
  • Mentions and repost mentions of your channel(s) in other brands’ posts and comments
  • Number of reactions (likes) on public posts and comments

Viewing X (Twitter) mentions in posts and comments

In Engage, you can see mentions of your brand in X (Twitter) posts and comments.

Post mentions

If your brand/channel is mentioned in a post, all of the first-level comments/replies to the post will be visible in the feed. However, any replies to first-level comments (in other words, nested comments) that don’t mention your channel will not display in the feed.

Comment mentions

If your brand/channel is mentioned in a comment/reply on X (Twitter), Engage will show the comment and the top-level native post of the conversation in the feed. However, other comments that don’t mention your brand will not be visible in the feed.

Viewing comments on your brand’s X (Twitter) posts

On X (Twitter), post comments and replies can display in an infinite nesting format. In Engage, comments/replies in feeds will display at a maximum of two nested levels: first-level comments/replies on a post, and then second-level and onward comments/replies. In Engage, any comments/replies in a thread that are second-level and onward will display visibly on the second nested level in an Engage feed. In other words, a third-level or fourth-level comment/reply, etc., will display on the second nested level in Engage. Comments/replies will show on the correct level natively in (X) Twitter.Comment levels.png


When you connect new X (Twitter) channels to Brandwatch, there may be errors where the historical data does not follow the correct structure. For example, some replies that are deeper than the second level might show as a reply under the post (first level).

Creating an X (Twitter) Engage feed

To get started viewing your X (Twitter) content in Engage, you will need to create a new Engage feed. Please follow the steps below to create a new feed specifically for your X (Twitter) content:

  1. In Engage, click Add Feed in the top-right corner of your Feed overview (or, click Edit on an existing feed).
  2. Beside On network(s), select the X (Twitter) icon.
  3. If applicable, use the other fields to specify channels, marked as read rules, or assigned users.


    For the Of type(s) field, the following content types are available to monitor for X (Twitter): Direct messages, Own posts, and Mentions.

  4. Click Save Feed to generate your feed.Create X (Twitter) feed.png
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