Connecting Your Channels to Social Media Management

One of the first steps to get started in Social Media Management is connecting your channels. In this article, learn the basic steps to connect a channel and find quick links to detailed channel connection guides by network.

Who can connect channels to Social Media Management?

Any Social Media Management user with a user role of either Admin or Team Leader will have the option to connect channels to Social Media Management.

Users connecting channels to Social Media Management will need to make sure they have the correct access to the channel on the native network (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). For more information on the required access for each network, please visit our network-specific channel connection guides.

Connecting channels

To connect a channel, any Admin or Team Leader can follow the steps below.


The following instructions are quick steps for general channel connection. Certain networks such as Facebook and Instagram require certain permissions before a channel connection to Social Media Management can be successful. For detailed instructions, please see our network-specific channel connection guides below.

  1. In Social Media Management's left-hand navigation sidebar, click the Manage settings (gear) icon and select Channel admin.Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 9.58.31 AM.png
  2. Click Add Channels in the top right.Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.17.42 AM.png
  3. Under the applicable network, click Connect.
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking Connect.mceclip1.png
  5. When the login pop up appears, provide your authentication credentials for your native network account.
  6. When prompted, grant all listed permissions to Brandwatch and proceed.
  7. From the menu on the left, New and disconnected channels, check the box beside any channels you would like to connect from your native network account. You can check off multiple channels to connect them in bulk.mceclip2.png
  8. Click Connect Channel(s).
  9. From your list of teams in Social Media Management, select one or more teams to add your channel to.Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 11.04.40 AM.png


    You must select at least one team to add your channel to. Please visit our Managing Teams article for instructions on setting up a team in your organization.

  10. Click Finish.

When complete, you will see your channel available in your channels list with a Connected status.

Channel connection guides by network

For detailed instructions on the specific requirements for channel connection by network, such as the user permissions needed and types of accounts supported, please visit the articles below:

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