Connecting WhatsApp Channels

Social Media Management offers full support for WhatsApp Business accounts. We provide an easy step-by-step flow to help you request a WhatsApp phone number and Business account that integrates with Engage. Furthermore, we maintain end-to-end encryption and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Prerequisites for connecting a WhatsApp channel

Connecting WhatsApp to Social Media Management requires you to first create a WhatsApp Business account. See the steps below to create a WhatsApp Business account if you or your organization have not yet already done so.

A WhatsApp Business account must be created under a Meta Business Suite account. Therefore, you will need an existing Meta Business Suite account and need to be an Admin of the account in order to create a WhatsApp Business account.


WhatsApp has some requirements for the type of phone number that can be used. There are also certain requirements for what the display name of your number can be. We recommend reviewing WhatsApp's articles on picking a phone number and a display name, as well as their Commerce Policy.


Once you register a phone number with a WhatsApp Business account, it is possible to migrate that phone number to another WhatsApp Business account under certain conditions. Please refer to Meta's help center article on migrating phone numbers between WhatsApp Business accounts to learn more.

Creating a WhatsApp Business account

Please follow the below instructions for creating a WhatsApp Business account in the Meta Business Suite:

  1. In your Meta Business settings, select Whatsapp Accounts from the left-hand navigation sidebar, then click + Add.Meta Business Suite > WhatsApp accounts.png
  2. Enter your phone number and continue through the account creation process.Add phone number to WhatsApp Business account.png
  3. Verify your business by navigating to the WhatsApp Manager. You can reach the WhatsApp Manager from your WhatsApp account’s Settings page.Verify business in WhatsApp Manager.png
  4. On the Overview page of the WhatsApp Manager, click Get started under Verify your business on the right-hand side of the page.Get started > Verify your business.png
  5. You will be forwarded to the Security Center to start the verification process. Click Continue to proceed.Security Center > Business verification.png
  6. You will need to enter various details about your business, such as your phone number, website, address, etc. You will be asked to upload various documents so that Meta can verify that you are actually the owner/representative of the business. (Please visit Meta’s help article on How to Get Verified on Meta for more on what to expect from the verification process). Once Meta has verified your business, you can connect your WhatsApp Business account to Social Media Management.

Connecting a verified WhatsApp Business account to Social Media Management

Once your WhatsApp Business account has been verified, you can proceed in connecting your WhatsApp channel to Social Media Management.

  1. In Social Media Management's left-hand navigation sidebar, click the Manage settings (gear) icon in the bottom left and select Channel admin.Manage settings > Channel admin.png
  2. Click Add Channels in the top right.Channel admin > Add channels.png
  3. Choose Connect under WhatsApp.Add channels > WhatsApp connect.png
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking Connect a channel.Connect a WhatsApp channel confirmation.png
  5. When the WhatsApp login popup appears, provide your authentication credentials. If prompted, grant all listed permissions to Brandwatch and proceed.
  6. Check the box beside any WhatsApp channels you would like to connect.Connect WhatsApp channels in bulk.png
  7. Start the account verification process by clicking Send verification message. Send verification message.png
  8. Enter the code you received to verify your account and click Confirm code to proceed.Enter verification code.png
  9. Create a 6-digit PIN to connect the account. Remember to keep this PIN secure, as it is needed for reconnecting the account. (If you forget your PIN, you can reset it in the WhatsApp Manager in your Meta Business Suite). After you have entered your PIN, click Connect WhatsApp Account to finalize the connection.Connect verifiedWhatsApp account.png

Your WhatsApp channel will now be connected to Social Media Management and you're ready to start using your WhatsApp message templates in Engage.

FAQs and troubleshooting

Why has my business verification request been rejected?
Your request could be rejected for various reasons. Please review Meta’s help article on troubleshooting why your business can’t be verified.
After the Social Media Management integration, can I use my number in WhatsApp on my phone?
No, WhatsApp does not allow usage of your number in the WhatsApp mobile app after it has been added as a business number in a WhatsApp Business account.
What if I already use WhatsApp Business?
If you already use a WhatsApp Business account and number, you can proceed to connecting your WhatsApp channel to Social Media Management.
Does Social Media Management ensure end-to-end encryption?
Yes, Social Media Management provides full end-to-end encryption and is GDPR compliant with servers in the EU.
Can I add multiple WhatsApp numbers to one WhatsApp Business account?
Yes, you can request multiple numbers and add them to one WhatsApp Business account. For example, you can create separate numbers for your local markets, and add them to a Business account.

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