The Engage Mobile App

Manage your organization’s social interactions from anywhere with the Engage mobile app. With the Engage app, you can monitor and respond to posts, comments, direct messages, or any other item in Engage from your mobile device. Swipe navigation and preset templates make it fast and easy to stay engaged with your followers and be brand-consistent.

Downloading the Engage app

The Engage mobile app is available to download from the App Store and from Google Play.

You can use the direct links above or search "Brandwatch" in either store. Look out for the Engage mobile app logo shown below.


Alternatively, you can use your phone to scan the QR codes below.

Via the App Store


Via Google Play


Logging into the Engage app

When you have found and downloaded the app to your device, open the app and click Login.


Next, you can enter your Social Media Management email address and password followed by Sign In. Make sure to only check the box, Remember me, if you’re not using a shared device.


If you aren’t sure of your password, tap Forgot Password?. On the next screen, you will be prompted for your email address. Tap Request Link to receive a password reset email.

Alternatively, if already set up in Social Media Management via the desktop version, you can choose to log in via Social Login by tapping the Google, Facebook, X (Twitter), or LinkedIn icons. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your social media credentials, such as X (Twitter) username and password.

Engage app compatibility


The Engage app is available for all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices on iOS version 12.0 and up.


The Engage app is available for all Android devices on Android version 5.0 and up.

Navigating the Engage app

Viewing feeds

After you have logged into the Engage app, you can tap the context menu (three lines) in the top left followed by Feeds to view and select your Engage feeds. The feeds listed are named and configured the same way as your feeds are in the Social Media Management desktop app.

Tap any feed to view all items from the feed along with a total at the top.

mceclip2__1_.png mceclip3__1_.png

Searching feeds

When you have tapped to view a feed, you can use the bar at the top of the screen to search for keywords in your conversations. Results will consider all text in your conversations including post captions, direct messages, comments, and nested comments.


Marking as read, adding labels, assigning, and deleting messages

When you’re viewing the items in your feed, you can tap and hold an item to take quick action on the conversation. A popup menu will appear allowing you to mark as read, assign/reassign, or delete the conversation.


When you’re viewing a post in the app, you can also quickly assign or mark a post a post as read by tapping either the checkmark or assign icon in the top right. Otherwise, you can assign, delete, mark as read, copy, or delete a post by tapping the three dots on the right-hand side and choosing from the menu below.

Similarly, you can tap More under any individual comments on a post to assign, mark as read, copy, or delete it.


When you’re viewing a direct message conversation, you can use the same assign and checkmark icons in the top right to mark the conversation as read or assign it. You can also tap and hold an individual direct message to assign, copy, or translate it.


Due to API restrictions, it’s currently not possible to delete your Instagram or LinkedIn posts. It’s also not possible to delete external X (Twitter) mentions, reposts (retweets), and replies.


To visit Settings, click the context menu (three lines) in the top left followed by the settings (cog) icon.

In Settings, you can click Switch team to choose between the teams you’re included in with your current Social Media Management organization. Switching teams will narrow down the app to exclude Engage items from any other team. If applicable, you can also tap Switch organization to choose from your other Social Media Management workspaces.

To enable push notifications, tap Notifications. You can choose to enable notifications either for new assignments (for you and your teams) or for any of your existing Engage feeds. Toggle any option on to enable.


It's not possible to enable push notifications for Listen Feeds in Engage.

You can also toggle Dark mode to switch between light mode and dark mode in the app or tap Log out at the bottom of the screen to exit.


Sorting feeds

When you’re viewing your feeds, click the Sort icon in the top right to sort your feed to show either newest or oldest items first.


Message templates and file attachments

Whether you’re leaving a new comment, replying to a comment, or replying to a direct message, you can choose to add images and videos from your camera roll or take a new photo. To the left of the text field, select the camera icon to access the device’s camera or choose the image icon to access your camera roll.

You can also select the clipboard icon on the right-hand side of the text field to choose from your team’s existing Engage Templates.

Contacting the Support team

You can contact the Social Media Management Support team directly from the Engage app by clicking Settings (cog icon), followed by Support.

When you click Support, a chat window will open. Click Send us a message to initiate a new chat or click See previous to view previous Support chats from your Social Media Management user. Find out more about the Support team's hours of operation and how to contact them.


How can I see which version of the Engage app I’m using?
From Settings, click About. Your current app version will be displayed in the center of the screen.
How can I log out?
From Settings, tap Log out at the bottom of the screen.
How can I edit my feeds?
Currently, the feeds displayed in the Engage app reflect your feeds as they are set up when logged into Social Media Management via desktop. It’s not possible to edit your feeds in the Engage app, though any changes you make on the desktop version will be reflected in the app.

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