Getting Signed Up as a New User

Welcome to Social Media Management! In this article, you can view a step-by-step guide to getting signed successfully to an existing organization. Once you have accessed your account, please feel free to visit our guide to exploring Social Media Management for the first time.

How Can I Get Invited to an Existing Organization?

If you haven’t yet been added to en existing Social Media Management organization, you can get started by reaching out to any Social Media Management user with a user role of Admin. The Social Media Management Admin can easily invite you with only your name and email address. Please feel free to share our guide to adding a new user with the Admin user.

Alternatively, the Admin user can reach out to your organization’s Customer Success Manager to request that you are invited. If the Admin user is unsure of the Customer Success Manager’s contact details, they can contact the Support Team for help getting the right contact information.

Once you’ve been invited, please see the steps below for help getting set up.

Getting Signed Up

Step One

Once you have been invited to a Social Media Management organization, you will receive a welcome email from From the body of the email, click Complete Your Profile.


Didn’t receive a welcome email? Please visit the FAQ guide for new users or contact the Support Team via email for assistance.

Step Two

You will be directed to Social Media Management in your native browser and asked to enter your first name, last name, and password. You can view the password requirements here. Click Complete Registration.



If your organization is currently set up with Single Sign-On (SSO), please continue to Organizations using Single Sign-On (SSO) below.

Getting signed up with 2FA

If your organization has made it mandatory for all users to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will be directed to instructions for help downloading an authentication app, scanning the Social Media Management QR code, and receiving a one-time code. Once you have entered the one-time code from your authentication app, click Submit.

If successful, you will be directed to your Social Media Management account.


Organizations using Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your Social Media Management organization's Admin has set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Social Media Management, you will be required to authenticate yourself via your organizations Identity Provider (IdP) instead of using a Social Media Management password or 2FA.

Once you have entered your name and clicked Continue, you will be directed to your Identity Provider (IdP) to authenticate yourself. Once verified, you will be directed to your Social Media Management account. Going forward, you will be required to log into Social Media Management using SSO. You will not be required to create a Social Media Management password.


If your Social Media Management organization has enabled Single Sign-On (SSO), by default all users will be required to sign up and authenticate using this method. However, exceptions can be made if, for example, external stakeholders do not utilize the same IdP as the rest of the organization. Please contact your organization's Customer Success Manager for help accommodating all users.

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