Product Updates | January 2024

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in January 2024.



LinkedIn campaigns and campaign groups

Streamline your workflow by creating LinkedIn campaigns and campaign groups in Advertise and Publish, with “saved audience” targeting, ensuring a more centralised management of your ad campaigns within SMM. This means you can complete the flow: boost posts, run campaigns and measure performance all from Advertise or Publish.
Watch here our Academy video about Linkedin advertising or read more about creating LinkedIn campaigns and campaign groups in Advertise here.



New Instagram metrics for Reels

We are releasing the final metrics that will enable you to analyse the full spectrum of Plays activity for Instagram Reels. Previously, our data was limited to Initial Plays alone, but with the recent inclusion of two new metrics—Plays and Replays - you will be able to comprehensively track the entire range of Plays activities of your Reels.

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X API v2 metrics now supported in Measure Public API

We have added new X (Twitter) metrics that are now accessible through the Measure Public API. This will enable you to include the latest X (Twitter) organic and paid content metrics, such as Engagement Rate, Interaction Rate, Impressions and more, in your preferred analytics tools, for better insights that will further support your data-driven decisions.

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User interface design harmonisation

As a part of our commitment to providing an integrated user experience across the entire Brandwatch suite, we are introducing a new look and feel to Influence. The interface design is now well aligned with the suite, which will support a more unified experience with our products. You can find all the same seamless functionalities and menus in their usual locations.





Estimated Metrics for Instagram

We introduced 4 new metrics for Instagram posts; Reach, Impressions, Engagement rate (Reach) and Engagement rate (Impressions). When you click on the Iris icon in the content card, it will open up a dialog which will include an overview of these metrics.  Currently, we are providing these metrics at post-level and throughout this half year, we will look into providing them for Facebook posts, then adding them into our dashboards. 

These metrics enable you to learn your competitors' reach and engagement for Instagram, compare it against your reach and engagement and incorporate a wide array of metrics into your competitor analysis. 

Find the complete list of metrics in Benchmark here, and learn more about these newly added metrics here

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