Creating Instagram Carousel Posts

Instagram carousel posts are mixed media posts that offer you the flexibility of sharing different types of content all in one post. Engage your users by adding up to ten photos and/or videos in your carousel, encouraging them to swipe through your content. In this article, we’ll go through the steps of how to create an Instagram carousel post in Publish.

  1. In Publish, click Create Post in the top left.Create post in Publish.png
  2. Choose Instagram for the network, select the channel(s) you would like to publish your post to, and then click the Create Instagram Post button.


    Currently, it is only possible to create a post on one network at a time. However, you can select multiple channels on the network to publish your post to.

    Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 9.23.09 AM.png
  3. In the Publish Editor, use the Post panel in the top left and Add media files box to add multiple media assets to your post and create a carousel. You can add up to ten images and/or videos per carousel post. Add your image and video assets in the following ways:
      • Drag and drop your video file to the file area.
      • Click the file area to open your local file browser, and choose a file to upload.
      • Hover over the file area and click the Cloud link to open a file picker popup. You can access various cloud storages such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
      • Hover over the file area and click the Content Pool link to select files stored in the Content Pool.
    Instagram Post editor.png


    As you add images to your post, you will get a notification from Publish if your file size is too large or if your aspect ratio is not within the accepted range. You will have the opportunity to resize your photos using Publish’s built-in photo editor if needed. When adding videos, you will see a notification that Publish is unable to verify video duration or aspect ratio at this time. Carousel videos also have a file size limit of 100MB per video. Make sure to double-check your video specifications against the tooltip in the Publish editor or our media attachments guide to prevent publishing errors with your carousel post.

  4. As you add multiple images and/or videos to your post, you will see the thumbnails of your media populate in the Post panel on the left, and you will be able to cycle through them in the Preview panel on the right. You can select one of ten frames for your video thumbnail.
  5. Finalize your post as desired before publishing (e.g. add a text caption, tags, labels, or schedule your post or submit it for approval if needed).
  6. Once you're happy with your post, click the Publish, Schedule, or Send for Approval button depending on the options you selected.Carousel post in Instagram post editor.png
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