Setting Up a Sociuu Connection

By connecting Social Media Management to your Sociuu account, you can automatically transfer your created and planned Publish posts directly to Sociuu. The integration offers an easy way for your team to create and manage your company’s social content using Publish while providing the final content to your employees for sharing via Sociuu.

What is Sociuu?

Sociuu is an employee advocacy platform that enables employees to share their company’s social media content. By participating in employee advocacy, employees can increase their engagement with the company and also help to amplify their company’s social reach, drive employer branding, optimize recruitment, and more. Sociuu also offers insights and reporting about the performance of shared posts.

Connecting Sociuu to Social Media Management

Integrating Social Media Management with Sociuu is a quick and simple process that requires sharing your Social Media Management API key with Sociuu.


You will need to have Admin rights in both Social Media Management and Sociuu in order to complete the integration.

To connect Social Media Management to Sociuu:

  1. In Social Media Management, navigate to Settings > Integrations & APIs > API keys to obtain your API key. (For detailed instructions on how to generate your API key, visit our article on Getting Access to Social Media Management APIs).
  2. Log into your Sociuu account and navigate to Settings > Social Integrations.
  3. Click the Connect to Brandwatch button, then enter and save your Social Media Management API Key.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Content Hub, and click the Add Source button.
  5. Select Brandwatch under the Source type drop-down menu, enter a name for your source, and activate the Import Brandwatch labels as tags toggle.
  6. Apply your desired Content filters (under which you can select which networks, channels, and Publish labels to import from Social Media Management) and any other desired settings, and then click the Add source button at the bottom of the menu.

After completing these steps, your integration between Social Media Management and Sociuu will be complete and you will be able to access your Publish assets from Social Media Management in your Sociuu Content Hub. Visit Sociuu’s integration guide for further information and links to resources.

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