Introduction to Brandwatch Academy

Access unlimited on-demand courses and certificates on the Brandwatch product suite with the Brandwatch Academy. Follow along at your own pace with demonstrations of core functionality to get the most actionable insights from your data and effectively engage your customers.

In this article, find out more about the Academy, who can access it, and what you can achieve.

What Is the Brandwatch Academy?

The Brandwatch Academy is Brandwatch’s online learning resource which allows you and your colleagues to develop and advance your skills on the Brandwatch suite of products.


With the Brandwatch Academy, you can:

Access always-on learning materials

Access the Brandwatch Academy for on-demand courses on the Brandwatch product suite. Follow along at your own pace with demonstrations of core functionality you need to get the most actionable insights from your data to effectively engage your customers.

Learn your way

Enroll in specific courses to upskill your usage of certain functionality within the Consumer Research and Social Media Management product suites.

Work smarter

Comprehensive learning paths dedicated to teaching your favorite tools help you learn and implement Brandwatch products in the most natural way possible. Master the basics to build your foundational knowledge, then deepen your understanding and personalize your setup with more advanced courses.

Share your success with Certificates and Badges

Test your knowledge with our exams and become the go-to Brandwatch whizz on your team, show your boss why you deserve that raise, and improve your perception and credibility with your professional network.

Which Users Can Access the Academy?

All users with access to Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence or Social Media Management can log in to the Academy without the need to create new accounts or register.

It is not possible for any external users (without access to Consumer Research or Social Media Management) to log in to the Academy, view content or courses, or gain certificates.

Accessing the Academy

To access the Academy, you can visit the website directly at

While logged in to Consumer Research or Social Media Management, you can also find a direct link on your user home page.



Logging in to the Academy

If you visit the Academy while you are already logged in to either your Consumer Intelligence or Social Media Management account (via the same browser session), you will be logged in automatically.

Otherwise, you can click Sign In from the top, right-hand side to enter your Brandwatch email address and log in:



Currently, it is not possible for Social Media Management users to log in to the Academy manually by clicking Sign In, unless the email address is also linked to a Consumer Intelligence account. It is recommended that Social Media Management users instead log in to Social Media Management first before accessing the Academy in the same browser session.

Is There a Cost?

No - The entire Academy is provided free of charge to all new and existing Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence and Social Media Management customers.

There is no option available for external users (without a Brandwatch account) to purchase or utilize any Academy offerings.

What Content Will I Find?

In the Academy, you can access content focusing on five core Brandwatch products:

  • Consumer Research
  • Publish
  • Engage
  • Listen
  • Measure


Individual courses allow you to upskill specific areas of your product knowledge. For each product, you can take an introductory course or choose from additional foundational content. By clicking View All, you can filter your options using the filter menu on the left-hand side.


Learning Paths

Undertake a comprehensive training experience from start to finish - Learning Paths will guide you through multiple targeted steps, advancing your knowledge on various areas of each product.

Click into each Learning Path to find out more about the course contents, who should take the course, and what information will be covered.



Test your knowledge on each product, earn an official certificate, and share with your network via LinkedIn. Click into Get Certified to choose from the available foundations certificates for each product.


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Brandwatch Academy

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