Reconnecting Disconnected Channels

After you have connected your channels to Social Media Management, there may be times when your channels disconnect. When a channel disconnects, Brandwatch has lost access to it and can no longer index data and content from it until you have reconnected the channel to our platform. In this article, learn how to quickly reconnect a channel.


Channels can disconnect for many reasons, such as native network disruptions or changes you may have made to your social account. Visit our help center articles to get an understanding of the most common reasons for channel disconnections and some easy steps you can take to prevent disconnections.


All features in this article are only available to Social Media Management users with the user role of Team Leader or Admin.

In the event that one of your channels disconnects, the user who connected the account will receive an email notification and also see a notification on their home dashboard in Social Media Management to reconnect.Channel disconnection notification on homepage.png

In your channels list in Channel admin, you will also see a Disconnected notice next to any channel that requires reconnection.Manage settings menu > Channel admin.pngDisconnected channel in Channels list.png

To reconnect a channel to Social Media Management, please follow the steps below:

  1. From Social Media Management's left-hand navigation sidebar, click on the Settings (cog) icon > Channel admin.Screenshot
  2. Find the disconnected channel in your channels list and click Reconnect to the right of the channel.mceclip2__1_.png
  3. When prompted via the pop-up screen, log into the native network and accept any authentication requests.
  4. When redirected to Social Media Management again, you’ll see this channel already selected under the heading New and Disconnected Channels. Check the box beside the channel (or check off multiple boxes to connect channels in bulk) and then click Connect Channel(s). mceclip3.png

Once complete, you will see your channel status update to Connected in your Channels list.

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