Connecting Facebook Channels

Connecting a Facebook channel to Social Media Management allows you to explore your channel’s performance in Measure, create and view posts in Publish, interact with your customers in Engage, and much more. In this article, find out what types of Facebook channels you can connect, what access you’ll need, and how to connect your channel to Social Media Management.


The features mentioned in this article are only available to Social Media Management users with a user role of Team Leader or Admin.

What types of Facebook Pages can I connect?

It’s possible to connect any existing Facebook Page to Social Media Management. This includes Facebook Pages included in a Global Page structure. There are no requirements regarding the number of fans or how long the page has been in existence. Currently, it’s not possible to connect personal Facebook profiles, Facebook groups, or unpublished (hidden) pages.

Once connected, all Facebook Pages will be referred to as "channels" in Social Media Management.


See our help center article on frequently asked questions regarding Global Pages in Social Media Management.

What access do I need on Facebook?

In order to connect a Facebook channel to Social Media Management, you will need to ensure your personal Facebook account has Full Control of the Facebook Page through the Meta Business Suite.


You need to ensure this access is within the Business Suite, not the Business Manager.

During the process of connecting a Facebook channel to Social Media Management, you will be asked to log into Facebook using your personal Facebook profile credentials. Next, Facebook will determine which Facebook channels your personal profile has Full Control of. These channels will then show up as options for you to connect to Social Media Management.

To verify that you have Full Control, you can follow the steps below:

Begin by making sure you are switched into your personal Facebook account.

  1. Visit to access the Meta Business Suite.

  2. Choose the applicable page from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click on Settings. If you do not see the Settings cog in the bottom left-hand side, that means you do not have the permissions required. You will need to ask someone with Full Control in the Business Suite to either update your permissions or connect the channel themselves.

  4. Click on People, followed by your account name.

  5. Once you find your personal profile, please check that you are listed under the Facebook Page with Full Control.

  6. Click on Manage on the right-hand side within the applicable Facebook Page settings.

In the following pop-up window, the slider named Everything under Full Control should be toggled on. Please note, this is a specific switch named Everything — toggling on every other slider on will not have the same result.

If any options in the path shown above aren’t available to you, it is likely that you don’t currently have Full Control access. Please reach out to any existing user with Full Control and ask them to adjust your permissions as shown in this article from Facebook.

Connecting your Facebook channel to Social Media Management

Once you have followed the steps above to establish that you have Full Control to your Facebook Page through the Meta Business Suite, you can connect it to Social Media Management by following the steps below.


If you need to reconnect a Facebook channel, follow the steps in our Reconnecting Channels article.

  1. In Social Media Management's left-hand navigation sidebar, click the Manage settings (gear) icon and select Channel admin.Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 9.58.31 AM.png
  2. Click Add Channels in the top right.
  3. Under Facebook, click Connect.
  4. Click Connect to Facebook.
  5. When the Facebook popup appears, log in with your personal Facebook profile credentials. If already logged into Facebook, click Continue as...mceclip2__4_.png
  6. When prompted to select which Facebook pages you would like to use with Social Media Management, click Select All even if you currently don't want to connect all channels currently. Similarly, when prompted to select/deselect permissions for Social Media Management, make sure all permissions are granted. Please visit our article on Troubleshooting Revoked Facebook Page Permissions for full details on these requirements.
  7. From the menu on the left, New and disconnected channels, check the box beside any channels you would like to connect.mceclip3__1_.png
  8. Click Connect Channels.
  9. From your list of teams in Social Media Management, select one or more teams to add your channel to.Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 11.04.40 AM.png


    You must select at least one team to add your channel to. Please visit our Managing Teams article for instructions on setting up a team in your organization.

  10. Click Finish.

When complete, you will see your channel available in your channels list with a Connected status.

FAQs and troubleshooting

I received an error during the connection process.

If you have received an error at any stage of the connection process, please check out our System Requirements to make sure your system is compatible. Please also consider reaching out to our Support team for help diagnosing the issue.

My channel didn’t show up as an option to connect.

If a channel does not appear as an option to connect to Social Media Management during the connection process, this usually means that you don’t have the required Full Control to be able to connect it. Please check your permissions on the channel by following the steps above.

If you have verified that you have Full Control and the channel still does not appear, check your Social Media Management Facebook Business Integrations to see if the page has been removed from our access.

  1. Please visit and switch to your personal profile.
  2. Click on your profile picture on top the right-hand side and navigate to Settings & privacy, and then Settings.
  3. Click on Security and login and then Business integrations.
  4. Find the Brandwatch integration and click View and edit

This step will open a pop-up window including a list of all permissions that can be granted to Brandwatch. It may include a list of all of your available Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. If the list of pages is included as well, please make sure that all Pages are checked off with a blue checkmark — even ones that you do not intend to connect to the platform. Please visit our article on Troubleshooting Revoked Facebook Page Permissions for full details on these requirements.

Now that this is done, once again attempt to connect the channel.

If your channel is still not appearing as an option to connect to Social Media Management, please either ask another user with Full Control to attempt the connection or reach out to our Support team.

I’ve added my channel but I can’t see it in Social Media Management.
If you have switched your view in Social Media Management to Team View, the channel may not appear (if it’s not included in your chosen team). Please either switch to Admin View or select the correct Team View. If you’re in Admin View, or in the correct team, already, please contact the Support team.

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