Setting Up a StoryStream Connection

Social Media Management's connection with StoryStream allows you to seamlessly curate and utilize UGC (User-Generate Content) directly in Social Media Management. Find out more about StoryStream, the benefits, and how to connect StoryStream to Social Media Management.

What is StoryStream?

StoryStream is an industry-leading content curation platform that specializes in user-generated content (UGC). It helps brands and agencies to:

  • Acquire UGC: Source high-quality, brand appropriate UGC created organically on social networks or directly from customers.
  • Rights Management: Automated workflow to get explicit usage rights from content creators to ensure legal compliance.
  • Activate UGC: Use UGC assets directly in organic and paid social via connection to Social Media Management Content Pool.

Why User Generated Content?

According to Social Media Week, 72% of brands believe that UGC helps them to connect with their customer and foster trust.

User-generated content provides a powerful way to engage and connect with audiences using trusted and authentic content being created by customers and fans. The use of third party endorsement or word-of-mouth is nothing new but now brands can access large volumes of rich, visual UGC being created every day and use as part of their marketing.

The Benefits

  • Generate more content without cost of creating
  • increase Organic Reach by more than 50%
  • Increase Paid Social Performance: by more than 60%•Be a more diverse and authentic brand
  • Generate an ROI > 8-1

Connecting StoryStream to Social Media Management

StoryStream is the Social Media Management UGC partner of record and provides a direct integration. The connection to StoryStream allows users to source, manage and request rights to user-generated content across social media, before delivering to Social Media Management's Content Pool for use as media in social media posts.

To access StoryStream you will need to have a platform license, to find out more speak to your Social Media Management representative.

  1. Login to StoryStream
  2. From the in-platform chat window, in the bottom right of the screen, provide the StoryStream support team with the the following:
    • The Stream from which you would like to Publish content to Social Media Management.
    • Your Social Media Management API Key. Find out how to how to generate an API key here.

The team will configure your connection and let you know when it is set up. From this point, any image content published in the Stream will be available in Social Media Management a few minutes after.

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