Engage API Introduction

With the Engage API, you can use a third-party software tool to generate and receive data exports from your team’s conversations in Engage.


This article offers an introduction to the Social Media Management Engage API. For developer information, please visit Social Media Management's API Technical Documentation. Visit our article on Getting Access to Social Media Management APIs for first-time steps.

Engage API endpoints

There are two endpoints available in the Engage API:

  • Create an Export
  • Get an Export

Create an export

Using the Create an Export endpoint, you can define the data your Engage export should contain. You must specify your search beginning and end dates, networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, or X (Twitter)), and types of content (e.g. posts, comments, replies, and DMs), though you can also choose to limit your results by channel using a Channel UUID.

Your results will provide you with a UUID to be used with the Get an Export endpoint below.

For help finding your Channel UUID, please follow the guide below.


In order to remain compliant with LinkedIn’s terms of service, it will not be possible to include LinkedIn data in your Engage export.

Get an export

Once you have used the Create an Export endpoint to define the data (above) and retrieved a UUID for your export, you can use the Get an Export endpoint to retrieve the export data.

You will receive a link to the CSV export of your specified Engage data. To find out more about what an Engage export will contain, please see the full guide here.

Finding a Channel UUID

When you are creating and defining your export (above), you will have the option of clarifying which Channels you would like to include in the export. For this, you will need each Channel’s UUID.

To obtain this, you will need to use the Get Channels endpoint from Social Media Management's Channel API. The Get Channels endpoint will return a list of all Channels in your organization, along with data such as the Channel name, connected status, network, and the UUID.

Benefits of the Engage API

Social Media Management's Engage API is an ideal solution for any department that collects and analyzes customer service and sales communications inquiries that are being handled via different formats, such as social media, web chat, and email.

In this case, it may be necessary to use a Business Integration tool to access and collect data from various customer service tools via an API. Using the Engage API, you can access all conversations on social media for the Business Integration tool.

Accessing technical documentation

For general information about the features of our available APIs, check out our Introduction to APIs section. To view technical documentation for each Social Media Management API, please visit: falconio.docs.apiary.io.

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