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How much historical data is available in Listen?

When you create a quick search, you will have access to one month of data. When you save the search, you will see the last year of data. You can find out more from our guide to historical data in Listen.

Which features in Listen are only available to Team Leaders and Admins?

Only Team Leaders and Admins can save searches, edit and delete saved searches, create and manage tags, create and manage email alerts, and add targeted data sources.

Which Social Media Management users can create quick searches?

All users can create quick searches. However, only Team Leaders and Admins can save searches. Find out more about the differences in our Quick Search vs. Saved Search article.

How many quick searches can users create?

Users can create an unlimited number of auick searches. However, saved searches are limited as per your organization’s Social Media Management contract. Find out more in our article for Limits on Saved Searches and Mentions.

Why do mentions not show sentiment and emotion, only country and language?

If you are viewing a quick search, quick searches don’t show sentiment and emotion on mentions. You will need to save the search to view mention sentiment and emotion.

What Facebook mentions will I receive?

You will receive mentions indexed from the Facebook sources listed in your Data Management > Facebook tab. Find out more in our Sources for Listen Mentions article.

What Facebook pages can I add as targeted data sources?

After you have authenticated your Facebook account with Social Media Management, you can add your owned Facebook pages and any non-owned, public Facebook pages which are visible to you on Facebook.

Is there a limit to the number of Facebook Pages I can add?

Yes, there is a limit of 1,000 targeted sources that can be added to Listen. Targeted sources include Facebook pages (owned and non-owned), Instagram accounts (owned and non-owned), Instagram hashtags, and LinkedIn Company pages (owned). Find out more in our Targeted Data Sources article.

Can I set a custom timeframe in a quick search?

When you create a new quick search, you will have access to only the last one month of data. It is possible to select a custom timeframe within that month.

What data can I export from Listen?

You can export your Listen mentions from saved searches. Please learn more in our article on Exporting Mentions in Listen.

Can I export mentions from my quick searches?

No, it's only possible to export Listen mentions from saved searches.

Are search results case sensitive?

No, search results are not case sensitive unless you use the brackets {} operator. Find out more about the available search operators for Listen in Building Advanced Queries in Listen.

If I filter a saved search, will the filters stay applied when I revisit the search?

Yes, if you have applied filters to a saved search, they will still be applied when you revisit the search. Filters applied by any other users will not have an impact on your view.

If I add targeted data sources, will my searches show the historical data?

No, Listen can only guarantee targeted data source mentions from the moment the sources are added to Listen.

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