Common Publishing Errors

Occasionally, a post in Publish may fail to publish for a variety of reasons. Navigate to the Publishing Errors section in Publish to find your your post and the error message.

In this article, we've put together an overview of the most common reasons you might encounter a post publishing issue. 

Unsupported media formats

Sometimes, a media file you've attached to your post might be unsupported by the native network. If your post failed to publish, and has an image, GIF, or video file attached, please review the file against our media attachments guide. The same issue could occur for custom link preview thumbnails with a very large image size.

Social Media Management has filters in place to help warn you in advance if your image files are too large or exceed recommended ratio. However, you will not receive advance warning about other unsupported properties (such as color profile). In addition, Social Media Management will not filter and warn about video files or link thumbnails.

Most publishing issues are resolved by changing the media file so that it adheres to the file attachment guidelines of the native networks. Images can easily be adjusted with our in-platform Photo Editor.

Disconnected Channels and missing permissions

If your channels becomes disconnected from Social Media Management, all posts will fail to publish to that channel. At other times, your channel might still be connected to Social Media Management, but certain publishing permissions have been revoked for it.

In both cases, we recommend reconnecting the channel to Social Media Management and ensuring that all required permissions are granted during the reconnection process. Bear in mind that only Admin and Team Lead users can reconnect channels. Visit our guide on reconnecting channels for more information.

Duplicate content gets rejected

Facebook and X (Twitter) can flag content as spam if it has appeared on multiple Channels in a short amount of time. There are no clear rules on when content gets flagged as spam, so it is always advisable to vary your content per local market. Channels that are clearly associated with each other while targeting different markets, are less prone to encounter this issue.

Should your post get flagged as spam, try changing the content slightly and publish it again.

Copyrighted content

Facebook is quite good at automatically detecting copyright violations. If your post contains content that Facebook's algorithms detect as copyrighted, they can either block your content from getting published, or they can remove it shortly after it has been published.

Facebook always sends a notification about any copyright issues. Head over to your Facebook Page natively and find the notification there to find out how you can resolve the issue.

Invalid link posts

Certain URLs are not supported by some of the networks. For example, Facebook doesn't allow you to share the link to a Facebook Event, or to blocked content.

Consider removing the link, sharing the linked item in another way, or try creating the post on the network natively.

Network or Social Media Management technical issues
Sometimes, either Social Media Management or one of the native networks might experience technical issues that could prevent your content from getting published. We always keep you up to date on such events through our Status Page. Subscribe to our Status Page to get an email any time there is an issue that might affect you.

If you experience a publishing issue that isn't resolved by one of the above solutions, please contact our Support team for further assistance.


Before reaching out to Support, please do not delete posts with publishing errors until the issue is investigated and resolved. Social Media Management will not continue to try and publish a failed post. Keeping the failed post in Social Media Management gives the team much more room to investigate.

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