Planning Campaigns in Publish

With Campaigns in Publish, you can equip your teams with the inspiration, assets, and framework required to execute successful social marketing campaigns across your local markets.

They can contain the information about your campaigns, such as the theme of the content you'll be running, the start and end date, the tone of voice, and even the exact assets and copy to be used while the campaign is running. Within the Publish Calendar they will show as a brightly colored banner for the duration of your Campaign.

Planning a Campaign

All Social Media Management users can create, edit, and delete Campaigns. Here's how you create one:

  1. Within Publish, click Create Campaign from the top left or navigate to a day in the Publish Calendar and click Add Campaign.
  2. In the Campaign brief, specify a title, a color, and the duration.
  3. Fill out the Description field with all information needed for your colleagues to successfully execute on the campaign. Think of the goals, theme, tone of voice, and the use of your provided assets.
  4. Add relevant labels. Check the box next to Apply labels to Stock to have your labels automatically carry over to the content created from the Campaign's stock items.


    You can use Smart Labels to auto promote all content created from the stock items of your Campaign.

  5. Specify the teams responsible for running the campaign. Only users in those teams will see the Campaign in their Publish Calendar.
  6. Optional: Add a reminder. You can select a user to receive the reminder and specify when the reminder email should be sent.
  7. Use the checkbox in the bottom right to choose whether or not to notify the assigned teams via email about the creation of the new Campaign.
  8. Switch to the Stock tab and select stock items to be used by your local teams in the Campaign. You can either create new stock items by adding brand new assets from cloud or local storage, or add existing assets from the Content Pool. Be sure to click Create Stock in the bottom right to save each asset.
  9. Click Create in the bottom right once your Campaign is ready.

You Campaign is now created in the Publish Calendar and can be used by the assigned teams to create content from. Any assigned user can edit or delete the Campaign for all other users.

Creating Content From Campaigns

To create or schedule posts using the stock items in a Campaign, you can click the Campaign in the Publish Calendar and navigate to the Stock Items tab. All assets provided there can be copied to a new post in the Publish Editor. Any media assets, text, and labels are automatically copied over. The post can be assigned to a Channel and can be edited in the Publish Editor like any other content.

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