Creating LinkedIn Ads in Advertise

Advertise allows you to create, manage, and view ads for your LinkedIn channels. Once you've successfully connected your LinkedIn ad account and set up a campaign, you can follow the steps below to get started building your ads with Advertise.


At this time, it is only possible to create LinkedIn single-image ads from Advertise. All other ad types must be created from your native LinkedIn ad account but can still be monitored as view-only in Advertise.


Want to promote an existing LinkedIn post? Visit our guide on boosting posts as ads in Publish to learn more.

  1. From your LinkedIn ad account in Advertise, click Ads in the left-hand navigation menu.Advertise sidebar menu.jpg
  2. In the top right of the Ads menu, click Create New Ad.Create new ad.jpg
  3. Select an existing campaign to create your ad in, then click Continue. You can filter by objective or campaign. (If you have no existing campaigns, you will be asked to create a new campaign).Select ad campaign.jpg
  4. In the Ad setup screen, apply any optional ad labels. For LinkedIn, the ad name will default to the ad ID. You will see single image ad selected as the ad format as well as the linked LinkedIn channel your ad will be published to, based on the channel you selected when creating your campaign. When ready, click Continue.LinkedIn ad setup screen.jpg
  5. In the Creative setup screen, enter your ad text, upload your image file, and enter in any applicable properties for your ad such as a website URL, headline, etc. When ready, click Continue.LinkedIn ad creative screen.jpg


    You will see a recommended text length as you enter your ad text and headline and description. The maximum recommended length for ad text is 150 characters, the maximum recommended length for headlines and the description is 70 characters.Recommended text length.jpg

  6. In the Edit screen, you can apply additional labels if needed and check the Run ad until the campaign expires to begin running your ad. When finished, click Save Ad, and your ad will be live and monitored via the Ads menu in Advertise.Save ad.png
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