Benchmark API Introduction


This article offers an introduction to the Social Media Management Benchmark API. For developer information, please visit Social Media Management's API technical documentation. Visit our article on Getting Access to Social Media Management APIs for first-time steps.

The Benchmark API is accessible with the same token and follows the same API rate limits. In other words, users that already have tokens can make requests to the API without further adjustments.

The Benchmark API provides access to the data from the social media channels that you monitor in your organization from the following networks: Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter). Furthermore, it enables integrations with third-party systems for in-house reporting (such as Google Data Studio, Power BI, etc.), and storage (such as Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, etc.).

Benefits of the Benchmark API

  • Unified reporting: By leveraging the Benchmark API, you can consolidate metrics from Benchmark dashboards into your existing analytics tools, creating a more cohesive reporting environment.
  • Enhanced performance analysis: Gain deeper insights into your social media performance by combining Benchmark metrics with the analytical capabilities of third-party tools.

Benchmark API endpoints


Certain endpoints require specifying a time period for the request. Ensure that the duration does not surpass 30 days. If data spanning a longer duration is needed, multiple requests must be initiated.

There are nine endpoints available in the Benchmark API:

Get Channel List

Utilize the Get Channel List endpoint to fetch a roster of all public channels presently added to your organization. The outcome provides all channels added by the organization, regardless of whether they were added to brands via the Benchmark application or via the Add Channel endpoint in the API.

Add Channel

Before obtaining metrics for a channel, the channel must be added into your organization. You can achieve this either via the Add Channel endpoint or using the Benchmark application, then assigning the channel to a brand. In both scenarios, the channel will be included in your channel slots quota. If the channel is already added into the organization, it will not be re-added, and the slots count will remain unchanged.

Channel examples:

Remove Channel

Utilize the Remove Channel endpoint to vacate a channel slot or remove a channel from your organization. All channels removed via the API or Benchmark application are tallied against the identical quota. For instance, if the channel is utilized in the Benchmark application, the API call to remove it will be unsuccessful. Otherwise, it will be successful, and the count of available slots will increase by 1.

Get Channel Details

The Get Channel Details endpoint will fetch details from a social network channel previously added to your organization. The response will contain metadata about the channel such as URL, data availability, and indexing status.

Get Channel Feed

Retrieve all posts from a channel, along with their captions and associated metrics, for the specified timeframe.

Get Channel Metrics

Obtain channel-specific metrics for a social network channel integrated into your organization for a designated period. The response includes network-specific properties.

Get Channel Metrics for Followers

Retrieve the daily count of followers for a channel within the specified period.

Get Channel Metrics for Posts

Retrieve the daily count of posts from a channel within the specified period.

Get Channel Metrics for Engagement

Retrieve the total engagement value for each day for a channel within the specified period.

Accessing technical documentation

For general information about the features of our available APIs, check out our Introduction to APIs section. To view technical documentation for each Social Media Management API, please visit:

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