Product Updates | November 2023

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in November 2023.


Improvements to the feature for sharing content externally

In Publish you can share your posts with external users via a shareable view link. We've now released some new additions to this feature, making it possible for external users to leave notes and approve posts. Also, as Brandwatch users you can now share posts from any Publish list including Drafts, Awaiting Approval and "All Content" and you can also bulk select the posts you wish to share.

You also have more options when editing your shareable views settings by sorting posts from oldest to newest and vice versa. Finally, you'll be able to leave notes visible to external users at single post level and share single posts directly from Publish editor.

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Mandatory labeling

Labels in Publish and Measure are key to organize content and measure its performance. You can now make labelling mandatory for all users who are creating or editing posts in your organisation - making sure every single post is labelled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to activate this feature.



Mentioning option for Instagram replies 

We now support mentioning options when replying to Instagram comments. When you reply to an Instagram comment in a thread, the @mention of the user handle/page (that you are replying to) will now be automatically pre-filled. You can delete @mention of user/page and re-add it by using @ symbol. This feature enables users to reply to the right person and ensure that the right person is  notified.

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Filtering labels in Engage Labels Report 

We added a label filter in Engage labels report. You can now select the labels you want to include in the report. Previously, we had shown only the 10 most frequently used labels. This update enables you to see performance of labels that are more niche, but nonetheless important for your Engage reporting.

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Media blurring 

You can now blur media (images and videos) in Engage by enabling media blurring when creating a feed. This way, you can manage spammy media by creating a specific feed for it, without disrupting your regular workflow. 

With this update, you can easily manage spammy, inappropriate content and protect your teams from disruptions caused by such images. 

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Measure notifications 

We’ve added Measure notifications to our Notifications Center in SMM. Clients can now receive notifications about changes happening in Measure dashboards via the center and do not need to rely on emails to be updated. 

Measure- notifications center.png

Channel groups 

We've introduced channel groups for Measure dashboards. When you are creating or editing dashboards, you can select and filter for channel groups. Thus, you can see the social media performance of the selected channel groups. This allows you to analyze and report on regional, brand, and team level much quicker. 

Channel groups have always been available in Engage and Publish, and now we have it available in Measure, providing a consistent way of analyzing published content, engagement, and social analytics for specific business units or teams. 

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Exclude label filter  

We introduced two new label filtering options in Measure, that enable you to hide the posts, that contain specific labels, from your content analysis report. These new filtering options allow brands to exclude labels from their content analysis much more flexibly. 

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Beta: LinkedIn campaigns and campaign groups

You can now create and manage LinkedIn campaigns and campaign groups in Advertise and Publish. Up until now you could turn LinkedIn posts into ads - and look at your LinkedIn results in Advertise. However, we've enhanced your experience by enabling you to seamlessly generate campaigns. This new feature simplifies the process of boosting LinkedIn posts, allowing you to effortlessly link them to campaigns from start to finish within Brandwatch.

Please notice this feature is currently in Beta phase, if you do not have access please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and request it.

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Label indicating if influencers in Discover are already in Influence CRM

If you have already added an influencer to your CRM this will now be indicated when you search for influencers in Discover.

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