X (Twitter) API Changes - November 2023

What is happening?

During the fall, X (Twitter) announced that they are making some changes to their APIs, which will impact some of the modules in Brandwatch Social Media Management. There are currently no changes to Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence.

How does this change affect our products?


  • People search option: in order to mention users in tweets, you now need to enter the full X profile name, there will not be the option to search for it in the dropdown.
  • Location search: you no longer have the option to add location to a tweet.

Both changes are live.


As we transitioned from the old to the new API, some X (Twitter) content metrics are no longer supported due to the deprecation of the old API. On the other hand, the new API provided us new X content metrics, which we've seamlessly integrated into Measure.

Explore the complete list of X metrics and discover all the new additions.

This change is now live.


We will have a few small changes in Engage with the deprecation of old X (Twitter) API. We are planning to implement the following changes in early 2024:

  • Mentions within a single X (Twitter) thread will appear under the same conversation in Engage, rather than there being a separate conversation for each mention. The same applies for user replies created natively.
  • The top level post of the thread containing mentions or user replies will be shown in Engage.
  • Nested comments will be introduced. Currently all replies to a top level post are flattened to a single level. With this change, replies to a top level post will appear as comments and all replies to each of those comments will be flattened into the new nested level.
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