Product Updates | February 2023

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in February 2023.

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Quote Tweets

You can now see quote tweets in Engage, providing you with more context when replying to users. Up until now you had no option to visualize the quote Tweet.


Whatsapp update

You can now migrate WhatsApp phone numbers from and to Brandwatch, so you don’t have to abandon your existing number when connecting WhatsApp to Brandwatch.

Deprecation of the option to hide comments in TikTok

Since TikTok deprecated the option to hide comments from its native network, as of 16th February, we also deprecated the option to hide comments in Engage.



LinkedIn in Advertise

LinkedIn is now available in Advertise! Once you have connected your Ad account(s) to Brandwatch, you will see your LinkedIn campaign groups, campaigns and ads in the Advertise overview. This means you will be able to track how your LinkedIn paid activities are performing and compare them to your Facebook and Instagram performance. As for the other networks, you will be able to customize the KPIs you want to visualize in the Statistics section also for LinkedIn.


Boost LinkedIn posts from Publish

You can now boost LinkedIn already published posts from Publish, turning them into ads. This means you can now create a LinkedIn ad from Publish and then monitor its performance in Advertise.





Widget improvements

We released new improvements to Measure widgets helping you analyse your content even more in depth.

  • Percentage change per channel: in the Channel Comparison widget, you will now see the percentage change (% value + delta icon) per channel while previously you could see the percentage for aggregated channels. Also, by hovering on the delta, you will now  view a comprehensive description of the % value and period it is compared against. This will help you to quickly identify which channels performed better compared to the previous period, for given metrics.
  • Filter per Instagram placement: when using the content performance widget, you can now filter for Instagram placements (Feed, Story, and Reels)
  • Easily edit widget name: you can now edit a widget name directly from the edit dashboard view, while previously you had to go to ‘edit metrics’ in the widget to rename it.


Owned LinkedIn data in Listen

You can now add LinkedIn data to Listen and measure your own posts’ performance while also using Listen’s comment sentiment analysis. Also, this means you will be able to set up alerts for LinkedIn data volume (comment increases on owned posts) - helping you get a head-start on brand crises.

Get started by heading over to our recentlylaunched ‘Data Management’ section and clicking “Add Data Sources”.


Additional Hashtag Details

The ‘Top Hashtags Card’ widget in Listen now includes the extra metadata Twitter Impressions and Reach, allowing you to find not only the most common hashtags but those that have had the most impact.



Influence CRM & Campaigns: Deprecating IGTV-related features

As IGTV is no longer an official post type from Instagram, we have removed IGTV-related features within the product (post type rate, post type requirement, etc). IGTV-related reports/post rate in the past will remain in the platform.

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