Privacy Compliance

Social Media Management approaches the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as important influences for clarifying requirements for data protection and as opportunities to further evolve our data protection measures.

We continue to analyze the requirements of privacy legislation and work to make enhancements to our platform, contracts, and documentation to ensure the compliance of both Social Media Management and our customers.

As Social Media Management continuously embeds privacy principles into our services and processes, we improve our data protection measures on an ongoing basis

Our Commitments to Security and Data Protection

Executive sponsorship & Data protection officer (DPO)

Social Media Management, in connection with its parent company, Cision Ltd., has established a privacy team consisting of executive and senior employees to uphold our ongoing compliance. As part of this effort, Cision’s DPO and his specialist team monitor Social Media Management's data protection practices and consult the organization on such matters on an ongoing basis.

You trust us with your data, and protecting that data and your reputation is paramount to us. From our executive leadership to our technical teams, everyone at Social Media Management takes the security of our product and the protection of our customers’ personal data very serious.

Customer compliance requirements
We’re actively working with our customers to fully understand their privacy and data protection needs. Additionally, we’re working with our DPO and his specialist team to ensure that we are in compliance with Privacy legislation such as GDPR and CCPA.
Data Breach Reporting
We have updated our procedures to meet GDPR timing and content requirements.
Privacy by Design & Default
Social Media Management incorporates Privacy by Design methodology into new product and service assessments that involve the processing of personal data. These principles also govern all material changes made to existing services and products.
GDPR Agreement
We have a revised GDPR Agreement (DPA) available for all our customers, which codifies the obligations of the data processor and data controller as they relate to the GDPR. We aim to always provide very clear communication and language around our contractual GDPR and Data protection regulations and measures. Clarity is of the utmost importance in relation to privacy compliance to ensure correct actions are taken; for example, regarding incident and breach management. We always recommend working closely with your own legal counsel to determine exactly how privacy legislation affects your operations.

Documentation and Trust

A clear requirement of GDPR and other privacy legislations is the ability to document compliance. Social Media Management decided early on to formalize its documentation requirements within the best-in-class privacy software Onetrust.

Records of processing
We have integrated OneTrust to manage and record all of our privacy operations.
Data mapping
We have completed the necessary privacy assessments to identify potential data protection gaps in our systems and processes. We have also taken the necessary steps to bring these in line.
Data Subjects Rights
Social Media Management has defined processes in place to ensure that each customer can receive assistance from us in relation to data subject requests such as information access, correction, objection, and erasure. You can also request information and assistance from us when you need to perform a Data Protection Impact Assessments or similar initiatives. Please reach out to our Support team for assistance in such matters.

Data protection and Privacy:

User Audit Log
Full GDPR compliance.
Retention policy
Clear, GDPR-compliant customer data retention policy.
Privacy policy
GDPR-compliant governance and privacy policy.

For more information, please see our Privacy FAQs, or write to our Privacy team at

Next to privacy compliance, Social Media Management also has general information security compliance initiatives in place to ensure the security and protection of your data. Find out more about these initiatives here.

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