Reporting Compromised Channels

In the age of social media, company manager accounts are clear targets for hackers. Being an administrator/manager of company social media profiles should prompt a higher degree of security surrounding your personal profile.

If you suspect your account(s) have been hacked, use the following avenues to report and secure your accounts:

Example scenario

"I received an email asking me to log into my Facebook/X (Twitter)/Instagram/etc. profile to enter a competition."

Think before you click. Often hackers send phishing emails prompting you to enter your Facebook login details to enter a competition or secure your account. Take heed and do not open any emails that seem suspicious or do not come from a secure site (usually noted by "https://" in the URL).


Take steps to secure your account beforehand.

Facebook allows you to enact extra security measure to reduce vulnerability.

  • Turn on Trusted Friends. Name 3-5 persons who can help you regain access to your account.
  • Enable login approvals. Enter a security code each time you use a new device.
  • Receive login notifications each time someone logs into your account from an unknown browser.


If your account has a dedicated Facebook Account Manager, contact them directly in the event of a compromised account.

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