Using the URL Shortener

The URL shortener allows you to post with neater and more attractive links, leaving valuable space for your great social media content.

Anyone who publishes content to your social media networks will have access to shorten URLs as the shortener will be enabled by default. Links created using the URL shortener will not expire.

Follow the steps below to access the URL shortener:

  1. From any Social Media Management tool, select the Shorten url link icon in the left-hand navigation sidebar.


    The URL shortener will not display in the Home view sidebar of Social Media Management. Navigate to any Social Media Management tool (e.g. Listen, Publish, etc.) to see the URL shortener in the navigation sidebar.

  2. Paste your URL in the URL text box.Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 9.51.12 AM.png
  3. If needed, select the output prefix for your link.


    By default, shortened links will use the prefix, but your can set up a custom link prefix to match your brand. Visit our article on Setting Up Vanity URLs to learn more.

  4. Enter your desired link suffix. This is the customizable part of your link that will come after the link prefix (e.g. ""). When you enter in your desired suffix, Social Media Management will verify if the suffix is valid and available to use.
  5. Click Generate and your shortened URL will be ready to copy and paste.Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 9.51.20 AM.png
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