Setting Up Vanity URLs

With Social Media Management, you can integrate your own branded vanity URLs to help boost brand recognition and increase customer engagement on your published posts.

By default, shortened links will use the prefix, however you can now customize this to match your brand while hiding any added Campaign Tracking parameters.

You will first need to purchase the actual short URL through a domain vendor. Once you’ve decided on a URL and purchased it, please reach out to the Social Media Management Support team.

You will then be asked to provide additional information in regards to your request such as the vanity URL’s DNS settings.


You may require technical assistance from your IT department.


How long does the process take?
Once our team confirms that the right setup is in place, the vanity URL will be implemented within five business days.
Can I have more than one vanity URL integrated per organization?
Yes, vanity URLs are channel-based. This means that you could have as many different vanity URLs integrated as you have channels in the Social Media Management platform.
Do we have some link click stats for shortened URLs created in Social Media Management?
At the moment we do not have any link click stats for shortened URLs created in Social Media Management. It is something we would like to have in the future though.
If I used my vanity URL with another shortening service, what will happen to my old URLs after I move the vanity URL to Social Media Management?
If you decide to migrate your vanity URL from another shortening service to Social Media Management, we can recreate your old URLs via our shortener to make sure that they continue to work after the migration. We just need you to provide us with a list of all old vanity URLs and the target URLs (usually via a CSV file), so we can recreate them on our end. Also, in these cases we need to coordinate the migration date with the customer, so we can achieve as little downtime as possible.
Is it possible to use a sub-domain as vanity URL?
Yes, it’s possible to use sub-domains to already in-use domains as vanity URLs. Please note however that only sub-domains, and not sub-folders are applicable.
I want to track incoming traffic to my website from the links I publish on social. Is that possible through Social Media Management?
Yes. By utilizing our Campaign Tracking feature you can track incoming traffic to your website.
What do I need to configure in our system?
Update the A record to point to our IPs
Update the AAAA record to point to IPv6s


A and AAAA records can be updated at any time and you don't need to wait for Social Media Management to prepare the infrastructure first.

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