Campaign Tracking

Social Media Management's Campaign Tracking support tool allows you to create custom tracking links to help you calculate the effectiveness of one social media campaign over another. Your goals could be driving traffic to your website, promoting newsletter sign-ups, increasing online sales or contributing to your business objectives.

Creating a Template


You need to be an Administrator or a Team Leader to set up campaign tracking for your organization.

  1. In the lower-left corner of the platform, select the gear icon > Channel admin.
  2. Under Channel Settings from the left-hand Settings menu, select Campaign Tracking or Tracking Templates.
  3. Click on the New Template button to create a new template.
  4. Fill out the fields with your parameters. Each parameter corresponds to a unique set of instructions:

    Social network
    The social network you’re publishing to (e.g. "Facebook").
    The label you are using for the campaign.
    Custom Text
    You decide what goes here (e.g. "utm_medium" + "social").
    Channel Name
    The channel you’re publishing to (e.g. "brandwatch").
    Tracking ID
    A unique ID that will distinguish the links across multiple posts.
  5. Once created, the new template will automatically be added to the Tracking Templates list and available under Campaign Tracking. Check the Tracking Status box for the channel you would like to track and select your template from the drop-down menu. Screen-Shot-2018-05-14-at-11.21.48.png


New to UTM tracking? Check out our blog post that introduces UTM parameters and how social media marketers can use them to reap the benefits of proper tracking.


If you would like to create a tracking template unique to a specific channel, which will not appear in Tracking Templates, click Edit next to that channel from the Campaign Tracking view.


When posting the link in Publish, make sure you have the URL shortener checked. Otherwise, the tracking will not work.

Measuring Success 

Once you’ve set up Campaign Tracking and published your posts, you’ll want to head over to your analytics provider to monitor campaign performance.

Campaign Tracking webinar: 

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