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The Hub App is a multipurpose mobile app that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Publish module in Social Media Management. The Hub app enables you to publish Instagram stories natively in the Instagram app and manage your Publish content on the go. Learn how to download and start using the Hub app to enhance your Publish experience. 

Hub App Features

With the Hub app, take advantage of the following Publish features on your phone:

Publish calendar
You can access your organization’s posts and view the Publish calendar month-by-month. You can also choose to filter posts by post state, network, channels, assigned status, and labels.
Content rescheduling
For posts that haven't been published yet, you can easily adjust their scheduled time via the app.
Content approval
You can view posts which are ready for your review and mark as approved in the app. In addition, you can opt to receive push notifications when new content is submitted to you for approval.
On any post, you can view existing notes, create new notes, and mention other Social Media Management users.
Instagram story publishing
Use the Hub app to publish Instagram stories that you have created and scheduled in Social Media Management. Publishing stories with the Hub app allows you take advantage of Instagram's native story features, such as adding filters and stickers to your story. For a full overview of this flow, check out our article on Creating and Publishing Instagram Stories
Links to the Quick Publish and Engage apps
From the Hub App, you can quickly navigate to the Social Media Management Quick Publish app to publish or schedule new content, or the Engage App to monitor your posts’ conversations.

Where Can I Find the Hub App?

The Hub App is available to download from the App Store and from Google Play. You can click either link or search in either store. Look out for the Hub App logo shown below.


Alternatively, you can use your phone to scan the QR codes below.

The Hub App via the App Store


The Hub App via Google Play


Hub App Compatibility


The Hub App is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices on iOS version 12.0 and up.


The Hub App is available for all Android devices on Android version 5.0 and up.

Navigating the Hub App

Viewing the Calendar

To view your Social Media Management Calendar, tap Posts from the menu at the bottom of the page. Your organization’s posts will be displayed by month. At the top of the page, scroll left and right to switch months.


Filtering the Calendar

Tap the Filter icon from the top left to begin filtering your posts. You can filter by any of the fields shown in the screenshot below.


You can use the State filter to select between drafts, posts awaiting approval, scheduled posts, posts with scheduling errors, published posts, and Instagram posts which are ready to be published.


To locate the app’s Settings, tap Menu from the bottom left followed by Settings. Tap Enable Notifications from the top of the page to automatically enable all notifications. You can then select/deselect individual notification types below.



In order to appear as a Publisher for Instagram posts requiring the Hub app, please enable the notification, I am assigned as publisher.

Below the selected notifications, you can tap Show introduction... to view guides for publishing Instagram stories and carousel posts.


You can tap Notifications from the menu at the bottom to access and filter through existing, unhandled notifications. The types of notifications found here will be determined by your selection as mentioned above in Settings.

Tap the Filter icon from the top left to filter the results by post state (e.g. Awaiting Approval), network (e.g. Facebook or Instagram), or posts from a specific channel.



You can review and add to the notes on any posts which have not been published yet. In Posts, your unpublished posts will display the number of notes associated with the post in the bottom left.


Tap X Notes to view existing notes. When you’re viewing the notes, you can tap Leave a note from the bottom of the page to add a new note. You can also type @ to search and tag Social Media Management users in your team.


Rescheduling content

In Posts, your unpublished content will be displayed with a scheduled date and time directly above the post preview. On the top right, beside the date and time, tap the pencil icon to reschedule the content to a new date and time. The time is displayed in your current timezone.


Access the Engage App and Quick Publish App

To quickly access the Engage app via the Hub app, tap Posts from the menu at the bottom then tap on any published post. Tapping on the post will redirect you to the Engage app, allowing you to monitor the existing conversation on the post.

Please bear in mind that tapping only published posts will redirect you to the Engage app. You can filter specifically for published posts by following the steps above.

At any time, you can also navigate to the Quick Publish app to create and schedule more content by tapping Quick Publish from the bottom right.


Don’t have the Engage or Quick Publish app yet? Links and QR codes to download each app are available via the following articles:


How can I see which version of the Hub App I’m using?
Tap Menu followed by Settings. Your current Hub App version will be listed at the bottom of the menu.
How can I log out?
Tap Menu followed by Sign Out. You will be logged out immediately, though you can tap Continue on the popup screen to log back in.
Can I view my unscheduled drafts?
Drafts created in Social Media Management which have a date and time included (under the Schedule module in the Social Media Management desktop app) will be included. However, drafts which have not been given a date and time will not be visible in the Hub App.

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