Sharing Measure Dashboards Internally

Share your work in Measure with other Social Media Management users in your organization. Sharing Dashboards internally allows users from other teams in Social Media Management to access, sort, adjust Channels, change timeframe and export a view-only version of your Dashboard, complete with all visible Channels and metrics.

Who Can I Share Dashboards With?

In Measure, there are two possible ways to share your Dashboards. You can share Dashboards externally or you can share Dashboards internally with your teams in Social Media Management.

Sharing internally allows users in your chosen team(s) to have view-only access to the Dashboard. When a user from a chosen team visits Measure Dashboards in Social Media Management, your Dashboard will be accessible to them among their own existing Dashboards. Find out more about how to view shared Dashboards below.

Sharing Dashboards Internally

To get started sharing an existing Dashboard, please follow the steps below.

  1. In Measure, under the Dashboards tab, open any existing Dashboard (or find out how to create a new Dashboard here.
  2. From the top right, click Share.mceclip0__6_.png
  3. Under Share with teams, click Add Teams.blobid0.png
  4. Scroll or type to search for the applicable teams. Check the box beside those you would like to share the Dashboard with.
  5. Click Share with X team(s).blobid1.png

In the top right corner, you will receive confirmation that your Dashboard has been successfully shared. In the top left, beside the Dashboard title, you will also see the Shared icon. Hover over the icon to view the list of shared teams.


Similarly, from your overview of existing Dashboards in Measure, you can view the Shared icon from the bottom right of each listed Dashboard.


Users from your chosen team(s) can now access a view-only version of your Dashboard in Measure while logged into Social Media Management. Please see below for information on how the Dashboard will appear from the user’s point of view.

Adding more teams to a shared Dashboard

At any time, you can adjust which teams have access to your shared Dashboard by following the steps below:

  1. In Measure, locate and open the applicable Dashboard.
  2. From the top right, click Share.
  3. Under Share with teams, click Manage Team Access.mceclip0__7_.png
  4. Scroll or type to search for additional teams. Check the box beside any additional teams you would like to include.
  5. Click Save Changes.

What if my selected teams don’t have access to my Channels?

When you are choosing teams to share your Dashboard with, you may notice a yellow warning sign beside the team name. This warning sign highlights teams which do not have access to all Channels in your Dashboard.

You may still select and share with any teams showing this warning sign, though please exercise caution. Your Dashboard will be shared with the users in the team in its entirety, including all data, metrics, and content for the Channels they don’t have access to. Users can still view, filter, sort and export all visible data in your Dashboard as described in the guide below.


Will users be notified?

Users in your chosen team(s) will receive email updates regarding any Dashboards which have been shared with them. Email notifications will be sent to all applicable users in the following scenarios:

  • A Dashboard has been shared with the user.
  • A shared Dashboard has been edited/updated.
  • The user’s access to a Dashboard has been removed.
  • A shared Dashboard has been deleted.
  • The owner of a shared Dashboard no longer has access to the Dashboard (for example, if they are removed from the team).
  • The owner of the shared Dashboard has been deleted from Social Media Management.

Viewing Shared Dashboards

You will see Dashboards which have been shared with you in Measure under the Dashboards tab. Dashboards which have been shared with you will be displayed with an eye icon in the bottom right corner.


At the top of the page, beside the search bar, you can also click the filter dropdown followed by Shared with me to specifically view only content which was shared with your team.


When you open a shared Dashboard, it will open in view-only mode as shown in the top right. While in view-only mode, you will not be able to add widgets, Channels, metrics, or any additional information to the Dashboard.


However, it is still possible to access the following for any Dashboards shared with you:

  • Select/deselect Channels using the Channels dropdown.
  • Sort widgets by clicking on any metrics from the top of the widget.
  • Change the timeframe using the calendar icon from the top right.
  • Export the Dashboard by clicking Export from the top right.

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