Sharing Measure Dashboards Externally

Our Measure dashboards look so great, you'll want to share them with anyone. With the Public links feature, you can do exactly that. Create a dashboard and share them on the fly with any of your stakeholders, in or outside of Social Media Management.

What are public links?

With public links, you can create a shareable link for any of your dashboards. Anyone with the link can view a read-only version of your dashboard without needing a Social Media Management account.

When creating the public link, you can define what date range the data in the dashboard should cover, and how long the link will be accessible. Multiple links can be created for a single dashboard, each with their own date range and expiration date. When you edit a shared dashboard, the changes you make to the widgets will automatically appear in your shared dashboards too.

Creating public links

Any dashboard you create in Social Media Management can be shared in the following way:

  1. Open the Measure dashboard you want to share.
  2. Click the Share icon from the top right.
  3. Click Create new public link from the dropdown menu.
  4. Adjust the settings of your public link:
      • Shared period: The period for which data will be displayed in your shared dashboard.
        Can either be an exact date range or a rolling window of the last X days. For rolling windows, the dashboard updates every day with new data.
      • Expiration: For how long the dashboard is accessible through the shared link. There is also the option to never let the link expire.


        To ensure the safety of your data, we always recommend setting an expiration date for your shared link that is just beyond the period in which your dashboard will be accessed by your stakeholders.


    If you are creating a public link for a Content Performance or Label Performance dashboard, you will also have the option to select the time zone you would like your posts to display in.

  5. Once you're done adjusting the settings, click Copy link. Your shareable link will be created and copied to your clipboard.
  6. Send the link to any stakeholder that you'd like to give access to your dashboard.


To quickly share a dashboard from the Dashboards Overview section, click the context menu (three dots) in the top right of a dashboard card and choose the Share option.

Anyone with the link can access and view the dashboard without a Social Media Management account. They will not be able to change the data, widgets, or layout of the dashboard, nor change the date range, sort content, or access other parts of your Social Media Management environment. After the link expires, the dashboard will no longer be accessible through the link, but it will remain a normal dashboard that you can access yourself when logged into Social Media Management.


If your dashboard contains a Content Performance widget, the correct number of posts will be reflected in your total at the top of the widget, though only a maximum of 300 posts can be loaded and viewed.

Managing public links

All your shared dashboards are listed in the Public links overview in Measure. You can access this section in two ways:

  • By heading to one of your dashboards, clicking the Share icon in the top right, and choosing Manage public links from the dropdown menu.
  • By clicking the small Shared icon from the bottom right of a dashboard card while you are in the Dashboards Overview section.

In the Public links overview, you can see when your links were last accessed and how many times they have been accessed since their creation.

You can copy and adjust shared links (such as shorten or extend the expiration date), or even delete a shared link immediately, even if it hasn’t expired yet:

Copy a shared link

Click copy from the right side of the shared link. The link will be copied to your clipboard and can be shared with anyone who you want to give access.

Edit a shared link

Click the context menu (three dots icon) on the right side of the shared link and choose Edit link settings.

Adjust the shared period and/or the expiration date. This will take effect immediately for anyone who uses the shared link.


Want to edit the content of your dashboard (such as add, remove, or resize widgets) that appears for those that access it through a shared link? Simply edit your dashboard. Any changes you make will be reflected in your shared links.

Delete a shared link

Click the context menu (three dots icon) from the right side of the shared link and choose Delete link.

Access to the shared dashboard will immediately be revoked for all users who try to access the dashboard through the shared link.


Deleting a shared link will not delete or change the dashboard itself. You will still be able to access the dashboard from inside your Social Media Management account and you can create new shared links again if you like.


There can be multiple shared links per dashboard. Deleting a shared link will only revoke access to the dashboard through that specific shared link. Users will still be able to access your dashboard through other existing links which are still active.

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