FAQ: Audience

Q: What user roles can access Audience?

When Audience is activated for your organization, all users will have access to the Audience tab, in which they will be able to view saved audiences.

All users will be able to see Audience profile cards within Engage, too.

By default, only Administrators will be able to create new audiences from Listen projects, import or export profile data to and from Audience.

Should you want to grant Audience admin access to a user who is not an Administrator in Social Media Management, you can do so in the User settings. Simply select the user and select the Access to Audience checkbox.

Q: What filters can I use to dive deeper?

You can filter by the following criteria, if data for that field exists on the profile:

Name, Talking about, Account Number, Company, Gender, Label
Social Network
Handle, Source, Network


Audience profiles are not supported for Google Reviews.

Email, Phone
City, Zip Code, State/Region, Country
Q: There are no labels showing up - why?
Labels are an optional attribute you can apply to profiles. They are a way to categorize profiles to organize and segment profiles by specific attributes in Audience. They are only visible to Social Media Management users within the tool, so you or your Audience will not see them natively. Users must manually add labels to profile cards; labels will not be added automatically.
Q: How are profiles created in Audience?

When a social media channels is added to Social Media Management, the profiles that have interacted with those channels will automatically be fed into Audience. This includes those users who have sent a message, commented, or mentioned the brand. Brands can integrate additional profiles by adding them through Listen or importing a list from an external source, e.g. CRM system or Email marketing system.

It will take the system up to five minutes to load data into audience, after the channels are connected. Depending on the volume of profiles from Listen, it may take longer.

Q: How does talking about us work?
The Talking about section of an audience captures which topics are most discussed in your audience by looking at posts and tweets associated with the profiles. It extracts which words and phrases are most commonly used, which is then aggregated on an audience level.
Q: Why are no LinkedIn customers included in my Audience exports?
To remain compliant with LinkedIn's terms of service, it's not possible to include LinkedIn customers, customer data, or conversations in exports from both Audience and Engage.
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