Searching for a Specific Profile or Audience

You will be able to find profiles and audiences in the search function on the Overview and People tabs in Audience.

Searching for a Specific Profile

There are different ways to find a specific profile based on the information you have at hand, but since you’re looking for a specific person you most likely have either a name, a handle or an email.

Once you click the search bar, it will automatically expand and reveal four additional expandable search criteria: Personal, Social, Contact, and Location. Within each of these you will have the option to search on a more granular level.

Example: You could do a simple name search in the Personal search option or you could search for a specific X (Twitter) handle in the Social option to find a profile that has interacted with one of your channels in the past.

Searching for a Specific Audience

Finding a specific audience is a little broader than searching for a specific profile. When you are building an audience, you are searching for a group of profiles that all share one or more specific attributes. You could for example want to find a group of profiles who are all talking about a specific topic.

  1. To create an audience consisting of people talking about the same topic, go to the People tab in the top of Listen. Then go to the filter section on the left side. Select Talking about. Type in a topic that you would like to create an audience from i.e. customer service.
  2. You can choose to narrow your audience down by adding filters to your query. Talking about query for example gives you a list of people who have been talking about one topic. If you want to narrow this down to only females talking about a topic for example, you can go to the search bar and expand this again. Choose Personal and select Female in the gender option.
  3. You can keep building out your filters until you have found your perfect audience.


Audience profiles are not supported for Google Reviews.

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