Creating Click-To-WhatsApp Ads in Advertise

A ’Click to WhatsApp’ ad can help your customers reach you through their preferred private messaging app. It offers a quick, easy, and personal way of interacting with your business from any smartphone.

To drive the adoption of this communication channel, you can create ’Click to WhatsApp’ promotions on Facebook. At the click of a button, your ad can take users straight to a new WhatsApp conversation with your customer service.

Creating a Click to WhatsApp Ad Set

Prior to creating a WhatsApp ad, be sure to register your WhatsApp number under a Business Account and connect it to Social Media Management. You can find out more about that here.

’Click to WhatsApp’ ads can be created for Campaigns with the Conversions or Traffic objective. Follow the below steps to create them from inside Social Media Management:

  1. Create a new Campaign or navigate to an existing one in the Advertise module.
  2. Choose Create Ad Set from the right-hand side actions menu of the Campaign.
  3. Under the General options, give your Ad Set a name and add any relevant Labels. For the Traffic option, choose WhatsApp from the dropdown menu.
  4. A WhatsApp section appears under the General options. Choose a Facebook Page for which you'll create your Click to WhatsApp ad.
  5. If your page is not yet associated with a phone number, please type the phone number in the box and click the Send Message button.
  6. A message is sent to your phone. Follow the instructions in the message to associate your number with the Facebook Page. Afterwards, the status of your number will be changed to Verified.
  7. Define the other Ad Set options such as the targeting and placement.


    Due to certain API restrictions, Click to WhatsApp Ad Sets can only be targeted to the following locations: All non-EU locations, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK, and Croatia.

    In addition, the available placements are Facebook Mobile Newsfeeds and Instagram Feeds.

After creating the Ad Set, we recommend following the below instructions to create an Ad.

Creating a Click to WhatsApp Advertisement

With the above created Ad Set, you can go ahead and create your actual ads:

  1. Navigate to your Ad Set in Advertise and choose Create Ad from the right-hand side actions menu of the Ad Set.
  2. Add your copy, image(s) or video, Headline, and Description. Optionally also add Labels or define the Duration and Tracking.
  3. Check the Preview of your ad in the center. Once you're satisfied, click Finish Ad from the top right.

Your ad will be pushed live, ready to help your customers reach out to you through WhatsApp.

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