Creating and Applying Smart Labels in Advertise

Smart Labels are the ultimate automation tool that give your content creators the ability to strategically and efficiently promote organic posts on the go.  

Setting Up Smart Labels

Smart Labels are available for Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, and they can be created by following these steps:

  1. Go to Advertise and either create a new ad set/campaign group or select an existing one you would like to work on.
  2. Under Ad set setup/Campaign group setup, find the Labels field and fill in the label(s) you would like to associate with this ad set.
  3. In order to turn the label(s) into Smart Labels, check the Auto promote posts with any of these labels checkbox.
  4. Select the channels for which you would like your Smart Labels to be available.


    If selecting Instagram channels, make sure to know which Facebook channel the specific Instagram channel is linked to. Smart labels cannot be used on Instagram posts.

  5. If you are creating a new ad set, fill in all the other ad set settings and save your ad set.

Promoting Posts Using Smart Labels

Now that your Advertiser has setup Smart Labels within Advertise, anyone with access to Publish and publishing rights for the corresponding Facebook channels can promote a post following these steps:

  1. Go to Publish, click on Create Post, and select the channel for which you would like to create and promote a post. You can also apply Smart Labels to your already published posts. Please make sure you know which Smart Label is associated with which channel.
  2. In the Labels section, find and select the Smart Label that was set up in your ad set, which will trigger a confirmation pop up with the promotion information linked to the ad set(s).
  3. Once you confirm the promotion from the pop up, you will see ads automatically created in the ad set(s) your labels were linked to.
  4. If you are creating a new post, finalize and publish it to promote your post.


You can link one Smart Label to multiple ad sets, which can have different active duration timelines. When you use the Smart Label while scheduling a post for a certain date, Social Media Management will only activate the ad set(s) that are live during that date.

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