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How do I follow a X (Twitter) user in Engage?

When you click on a conversation with a X (Twitter) user in Engage, you will see their profile card in the top left of the conversation. Click on the Follow button on their profile card to follow them with the X (Twitter) channel indicated on the button tooltip.Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 3.18.15 PM.png

How do I clear all my unread messages in Engage?

From within your organization’s settings, select channels and click on the relevant channel. From the popup window, choose the date range to mark as read to and select Mark as read. The system will then mark any unread messages as read up until the date you choose.


If you label a comment as spam, does it get marked as spam on the native network as well?

A comment will only be marked as spam within Social Media Management and not on the native network. After marking a comment as spam in Social Media Management, you can choose to delete the comment and still maintain a record of its original content.

Do I get an alert when notes are added to a comment?

There is currently no option to get a notification when notes have been added to a comment. However, the Notes button will be highlighted in blue to make users aware of the fact that there are notes attached to this thread.

How does Engage calculate the number of new messages?

The number of messages in the left-hand menu reflects the number of conversations that contain unread comments or messages. So if one conversation thread has 100 unread comments, Engage will show that you have one new conversation to review.

Why are no LinkedIn customers included in my Engage exports?

To remain compliant with LinkedIn's terms of service, it's not possible to include LinkedIn customers, customer data, or conversations in Audience and Engage exports.

What do the different message colors indicate?

Each message type in Engage has its own color. A message or comment from a user is white, a written reply is blue, an automated reply is green, and an internal note is yellow.

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