Labeling Conversations, Messages, and Comments

Labels in Engage allow your teams to categorize conversations and provide context to those replying to messages. For example, you may have certain team members responsible for questions, while others may be responsible for collecting feedback about a campaign.

Once you have Engage Labels applied, you can then choose to have a new feed showing specifically labeled conversations or report on the Labels to spot trending topics in your social communications.

Adding a Label

  1. Within Engage, open the detail view of a conversation by clicking on a post.
  2. Hover over the post, click on the label tag and add an existing label or create a new one.  Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_10.47.11_AM.png
  3. In order to label a specific comment or comment reply for a post, hover over the comment, click on the label tag and add an existing label or create a new one.  Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_10.48.23_AM.png
  4. For direct messages, you may add a label to the entire conversation in the top bar above the chat.  Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_10.49.57_AM.png
  5. You may also add a label to a specific direct message, by hovering over the message and clicking on the label tag. Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_10.51.00_AM.png
  6. To add labels to multiple comments or messages, use the check boxes on the left-hand side of each comment or message to select multiple, or use the checkbox at the top of the thread to select all comments in the thread.
  7. From the Bulk Actions menu that appears at the top of the page, select Manage labels.

Available actions:

  • See if a label is applied to all selected items, or only to part of the selected items (ticked checkmark for all selected items, minus for part of the selected items)Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_10.55.27_AM.png
  • Any label can be removed from all selected items.
  • Any label can be added to all selected items.
  • Any partially assigned label can be added to all items.
  • New labels can be created and added to all selected items.


Labels are applied across the Publish, Advertise and Engage modules. Any label added in Publish or Advertise will appear for the same content in Engage, and vice versa.

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