Viewing Customer Profile Cards in Engage

Profile cards in Engage give you a quick but rich insight into who you are engaging with. A customer's profile card will be displayed on the right-hand side of a conversation feed in Engage. The profile cards contain an overview of key customer information, such as historical activities and your team's internal notes. You can link directly to the profile card within the Audience explorer, providing you valuable context to create more personalized customer engagement and service on your social channels.

Audience profile card in Engage.png

The following features are available for profile cards:

  • Edit customer information directly within Engage, which will update their linked profile card in Audience.
  • View and add labels.
  • Get a quick overview about past conversations (Activities tab).
  • Add notes to the profile card within Engage and mention other Social Management users in notes.


Visit our article on Audience Profile Fields by Network to see what data is available for customer profiles on each network.

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