Merging Profiles in Engage

In addition to merging user profiles from within Audience, you can also merge profiles right in Engage. Engage users can merge profiles during their regular Engage workflow. This will immediately provide more context about the people you’re talking to, while simultaneously driving the growth of your organization’s unified profile database.

Whenever you open a user’s profile card, our algorithm checks for merging candidates in Audience. If a potential profile for merging is detected, you will see the merge suggestion with the highest similarity score on the profile card on the right. If you click on the name of the suggested merge candidate from the profile card in Engage, you will be taken to a new tab in your browser. Here you will see all the relevant information on that particular candidate within Audience. This information will help you decide if you want to to merge or dismiss the profiles.

If you already know the different social names of one customer, you can now manually search and merge those profiles yourself within Audience.

Merge a Profile

  1. Click on the Merge button.
  2. After clicking Merge, the profile card will immediately reload and show the enriched profile card.
  3. That’s it! If there are more than one merge suggestions, the merge candidate with the next highest similarity will appear.1499828.png


If you accidentally click Dismiss instead of Merge on the profile card, simply go into Audience and search for that customer by name and merge the profiles from there.

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