WhatsApp Message Templates

WhatsApp features are currently only available for specifically whitelisted customers. If you would like to get access to these features, please contact the Support team or your Customer Success Manager.

What are WhatsApp Message Templates?

WhatsApp Message Templates are fixed reply templates. You can use them when responding to your customers’ inquiries in Engage.


According to WhatsApp's Terms of Service, Message Templates must be used if a response is sent more than 24 hours after you last received a message. Within 24 hours after the last received message, you can choose either to respond with a regular message or with a Template response.

How Can I Create a New Message Template?

WhatsApp doesn’t currently support creation and management of Message Templates over an API, so at this moment it is a manual process for Social Media Management to create and revise your templates. If you would like to create new Message Templates, or modify existing ones, please contact the Support team.

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