Reposting and Quote Posting in Engage

You can quickly build loyalty and drive engagement from within your X (Twitter) community by sharing the tweets that your followers send to your handle.

Within Engage, you can repost (retweet) a public post (tweet) that has been sent to you, effectively sharing the user's tweet with all of your followers. You can also add your own comment to the repost to create a quote post (quote tweet).

Reposting and quote posting

  1. Within Engage, open a X (Twitter) conversation and select the ellipsis (three dots) icon > Repost from the options drop-down menu.Repost in X (Twitter) conversation dropdown.png
  2. Select which X (Twitter) channel you'd like the repost to appear on if applicable (this doesn't have to be the profile the post mentions). Click Repost to create your repost.Repost window.png
  3. To create a quote post, add a comment in the text box, then select Quote Repost to create your quote post.Quote post window.png


    Images cannot be added to quote posts.

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