Product Updates | January 2022

Find out which exciting new releases made it to the Falcon platform in January, 2022.

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Improved email alerts

Creating email alerts in Listen is even easier with these new changes. You will now notice a (?) sign next to every option in the alert creation window. By clicking on it, you can see how the specific option works.


Additionally, you can select the number of mentions that will be included in the alert email body. You can also filter your saved search while creating the alert. This way, you will only get email notifications  for what really matters for you.


Boolean syntax for the keyword filtering

Now you can be more specific when filtering your saved search. Get the desired mentions easier and faster by adding the boolean operators with the use of AND / OR logic. Including these operators while filtering your mentions allows you to filter for mentions based on optional keywords, or exclude mentions based on keywords altogether.


Reddit got added to the Source Operators

In this update, we added Reddit to the list of Source Operators for searches in Listen. The two new operators are:

  • subreddit - E.g., ‘subreddit: nba’ - Mentions will arrive from the NBA Subreddit.
  • subredditTitle - E.g., ‘subredditTitle: basketball’ - Mentions will arrive from Subreddits with a matching human-readable title ‘basketball’.


Clickable links

URLs, @mentions, and #hashtags are now clickable in all conversations and notes in Engage. Additionally, every link gets opened in a new tab. It's an easy way to follow links, go to a person's profile, or find the latest posts for a particular hashtag.


Facebook Mentions in Engage

Now you can get mentions of your Facebook Channel in Falcon. This way, you can easily see and engage with conversations about your brand. To get mentions of your Facebook Channel, create or edit a Feed in Engage and select Mentions under message type.


For more information on the types of mentions you can get and a full guide to setting up your Engage feed, please visit the Help Center guide here.

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