Introduction to Measure

Measure is where you can track the performance of all your social media efforts. Save time by collecting data from multiple networks in one place, presented with attractive visualizations. In this article, we'll explore all that Measure offers.


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Understanding dashboards

In Measure, a dashboard is an empty canvas that you can fill with widgets. A widget is a customizable container for the metrics of your choice. For example, you could create a Total Reach widget that shows data on the reach of your content on specific channels. You could customize another widget to display interactions such as Comments, Likes, and Shares. Together, the widgets you add will form a dashboard. Measure's dashboards enable you to flexibly select, combine, and organize the metrics that fit your specific needs.

All dashboards you create will remain available over time. You can use them on a recurring basis by adjusting the date range to display data from a specific time period.

Dashboards overview

When you open Measure, you will see the Dashboards Overview. From here, you can view, filter, and access all of the dashboards you have created to date. Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 8.58.49 AM.png

You can use the filters at the top of the screen to filter your dashboards by network, type, owner, etc. Clicking the ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of a dashboard will allow you to quickly share it, schedule it, duplicate it, or delete it.

Creating dashboards

To build a dashboard, click the Create Dashboard button in the top right of the Dashboards Overview. From there, you can either select one of our dashboard templates, or create a custom dashboard with the widgets of your own choice. Visit our in-depth guides on creating dashboards and editing dashboards to get step-by-step instructions.

When adding or editing widgets in your dashboards, Measure offers a great number of available metrics for you to select from. You can also decide exactly how you want to display your metrics — such as by choosing totals, averages, time series, or breakdowns — and dragging widgets to your preferred size and position.

Exporting and sharing dashboards

When you are ready to share your data, you can either share your dashboards internally, share your dashboards externally, or export your dashboards as either a CSV or PDF file. A CSV export will give you the raw data behind your dashboard, which you can use for further data analysis in software such as Excel. With a PDF export, your dashboard will export with visuals of your widgets, ready for presentation.

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