Calendar View in Publish

The Publish calendar is the home view of the Publish module. You can view all your published and scheduled content color-coded per network and campaign.

From the overview, you can take actions such as add content on a chosen day or find a post and copy it to a new date.

Viewing and filtering options

By default, the calendar shows all your scheduled and published posts from the channels that your user has access to. It also shows you all the colored bars of campaigns that have been assigned to you.

You can change the view and filter your content through the options at the top of the section:

Date range:
In the top right, you can select the months or weeks to view content for.
Month versus week view:

Below the date range is a selector for months (default) or week view. The month view holds color-coded icons for your posts, with numbers indicating how much content is going out that day, for the network.

The week view contains columns with a more detailed view of your posts, showing you the post media and text, as well as the exact publishing times.
Newest versus oldest first:
The week view has a specific selector for sorting the columns by oldest or newest content at the top.
In the top-center Filter by label search bar, you can add specific labels to filter the calendar by.
In the top-left Filter dropdown, you can filter down on your content by Teams, Channel groups, Authors, Networks, Channels, Assigned approvers, Placement, Promotion, and States.

Viewing and creating content

The monthly and the weekly views will display action buttons when you hover over a date or post. In the monthly view, you'll have the option to open a content column with details about all posts for a specific day.

For the content column and the weekly view, you can hover over any specific post and click Open to open a detail view. A published post will display some performance data and give you the option to boost the post. A scheduled post will open in the Publish Editor so you can edit it.

Finally, hovering over any future date will give you the option of creating a new post in the Publish Editor that will be scheduled to the date you chose.

Exporting the calendar

From the top right of the Publish calendar, you can export the month or week view you're in. You'll have the choice of exporting as a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file. The export will contain the below information in a row for each individual post:

Header Description
Status Either Published, Scheduled, or Processing
Network To which Network the post is scheduled or published
Channels To which Channel the post is scheduled or published
Type The post type, such as link, picture, or text
Message The copy of the post
Media URL A link to the media files attached to the post
Tags The Labels attached to the post
Dark TRUE or FALSE for if the post is a Dark Post or not
Geo-Targeting Shows if and to where the post is geo-targeted
Feed-Targeting Shows if and to where to post is feed-targeted
Date Shows the Publishing or Scheduling time
Permalink If the post is published, contains a link to the post on the native network
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