Saving Posts as Drafts

Sometimes, you might not want to schedule or publish a post right away but instead get back to it later on. In those cases, creating a draft post is a good option. Drafts are posts that are ready to get published at a moment's notice yet won't go live yet without a manual completion of the publishing flow.

Drafts come in handy for collaboration on content where one team member might take care of copy while others prepare promotions, for example.

Once saved, they are found in the Drafts section of Publish. Clicking on any of the posts in the drafts section will open them in the Publish Editor, from where they can be edited and published.


Drafts can have a scheduling date but they won't get published when that date arrives. To publish them, a user must still schedule or publish the post manually, which might require updating the expired scheduling date to a future one.

Saving a Post as a Draft

Drafts can be created for all networks and all post types through the below instructions:

  1. Create any kind of post in the Publish Editor.
  2. Make sure you add the minimum required content for the post to get published, such as a media file for an Instagram post.


    Your draft will only be saved if your post could be published as it currently is. A good rule of thumb is to check if the Publish or Schedule button in the bottom right is greyed. If it isn't, your post can be saved as a draft since it could also be published in its current state.

  3. Click the Back button in the top left of the Publish Editor to save your post as a draft.

Your post can be found back under the Drafts section in Publish.

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