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Your content can go through several stages on the path from getting created to appearing on a social network. You might start with creating a draft, then send your post for approval, after which it gets scheduled and a bit later it is published. Each of those steps lands your post in a different state and each state has a corresponding section in the Publish module.

This article describes each of the post states that your content can be in.

Content by State Sections

The menu on the left in the Publish module contains sections for all sates that your posts can be in. You can always find a specific piece of content back under the All section and under one of the post state sections. Your content can't be in multiple states at once, but it will often move from one state to another based on your actions or certain Social Media Management automations.

Here's all the states your content can be in:

This section contains all posts in all the states explained below here.
Contains posts that have neither been scheduled nor published, yet they could be published in their current form. Clicking on a post in Drafts opens it in the Publish Editor where you can continue preparing it for publication. Find out more about working with Drafts here.
Awaiting approval
Contains posts that have been sent for approval to you or one of your colleagues. The post is ready to be published but needs a review and possibly further editing. A user with approval rights can open posts in this section and edit or approve them. Find out more about approval flows here.

Contains posts that have been scheduled for a future date in Social Media Management or on Facebook natively. Posts scheduled in Social Media Management will automatically get published at the right time. Certain Instagram post types can't be published automatically, as explained here.

Find out more about scheduling content in Social Media Management or on Facebook natively here.

Contains any content that is currently in the process of getting published to a social network. Most posts stay in this state only for seconds, before moving to the Published state. Certain Instagram post types can stay in this state for longer since they need a manual completion of the publishing process. Find out more about it here.
Publishing errors

Should your scheduled content fail to get published, it goes to the Publishing errors section. Opening a post with a publishing error shows a red bar at the top with an error message. We've described the most common errors and their solutions in the article here.

Once the error is resolved, you can publish or schedule the post again.


All posts that have been successfully published to your social media channels will appear in this section. Even posts created outside of Social Media Management will appear. The only exception are Instagram Story posts, those do not get indexed in Social Media Management if they were created natively.

Clicking on any Published post will open a detail view with a few basic performance statistics and buttons to view the post natively, handle engagement with the post in our Engage module, or copy it to a new post.


'Shared externally' is not a post state but rather a way to share your planned or published content with external stakeholders that do not have access to Social Media Management. You can find out more here.

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