Applying Twitter Conversation Settings

X (Twitter) allows you to control which users can enter into a conversation with you by replying to your posts (tweets). By default, every X (Twitter) user can reply to your posts. If you want to limit replies, you can opt for one of the following two options when creating a post in the Publish editor:

  • Only X (Twitter) users that are mentioned or are followed by the account creating the post.
  • Only X (Twitter) users that are mentioned in the post.

Posts with one of the above two settings will be labeled on X (Twitter) and the reply icon will be grayed out for those users that you have excluded from replying. Users who can’t reply will still be able to view, repost (retweet), and like the post.

Once you’ve published a post with conversation control, you cannot change the restrictions other than by deleting the post and creating it anew. Replies and reposts of your post will inherit the restrictions you placed on the original post, but quote posts (quote tweets) will not inherit your restrictions. If the original post is deleted, replies and reposts will lose any previous restrictions.

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