Product Updates | February 2024

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in February 2024.


Social Media Management

Local navigation sidebar

We have updated the local navigation sidebar menus in the Social Media Management suite. The look and feel is now aligned with Brandwatch Consumer Research, it is collapsible and accessibility is far superior than before. This project is part of the broader mission to unify our suite’s navigation and user experience.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.16.09.png


Network Comparison Widget

We have released the new Network comparison widget to the widget library. The widget enables you to evaluate your networks performance side by side for a holistic performance analysis, so you can optimise your social media strategies, by identifying your strengths or areas for improvement on network level.

The Network comparison widget supports up to 8 metrics at a time, and you can visualise the data in different types of charts, such as a List view, Horizontal, Vertical bar, and Donut chart.


Measure_Network Comparison Widget.png


New organic Instagram channel level metrics

We have added a new set of organic channel level metrics for Instagram in Measure. You can now analyse the following metrics:

  • Organic Likes
  • Organic Comments
  • Organic Shares
  • Organic Saves
  • Organic Engagement
  • Organic Engagement rate
  • Organic Reach

By having a deeper understanding of your organic Instagram performance, you will better be able to identify how your community interacts with your brand, what resonates the most with your audience, and evaluate how your brand strategy is reflected in your organic performance. You can use these insights to uncover what is important for your community, which will help you better cater to their needs, start impactful conversations and build even stronger relationships.

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Instagram page metrics in Measure Public API

Instagram page metrics are now available in the Measure Public API, which means that you can incorporate the latest metrics into your preferred analytics tools. These metrics can be categorised by media type, such as reels, stories, images, paid etc. or segmented by followers and non-followers.

This addition will further support your in-depth analyses of your Instagram pages, which will help you identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your Instagram engagement strategy.

Please refer to the changelog, for the full list of the added metrics to the Public API.

Measure_Public API IG page metrics.png



Improvements in the brand selector

This update includes several separate improvements addressing a smoother search experience, as well as providing clarity on channel numbers and historical data availability.

First, we have updated the brand selector with an option to select ALL or NONE of the brands, which will speed up your multi- or single branch analysis. Second, you can now effortlessly find the brands you are looking for in a search bar, without having to scroll your way through the list of brands. And third, we have enhanced the hovering functionality with a pop-up displaying key brand information, including the number of added channels, the date these were added, and data availability.

5_Benchmark_improved search.png



Custom targeting for LinkedIn

Previously, audiences had to be created and saved natively in LinkedIn campaign manager, in order for these to be available in Advertise. This update enables you to target your target audience manually in Advertise, using the specific LinkedIn audience socio-demographics. This will save you time and significantly improve your workflow, when setting up Ads for LinkedIn.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.42.12.png

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