Influence's Integration with the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) API

Influence is implementing TikTok’s Creator Marketplace (TTCM) API. With this release, we will need to remove any previously collected TikTok data that was pulled from a different source to stay compliant with TikTok’s terms.

This API integration will result in some changes in available TikTok data points across the Influence suite and some changes in user workflows. Some of the main benefits with this integration include:

  • Compliant and reliable data directly from TikTok
  • We will support influencers to authenticate their TikTok accounts
  • More data points, including audience data, in CRM and Campaigns for authenticated accounts

For more detailed information about how the API integration affects Influence’s different products, please see the below sections.

Changes to Discover

After we’ve integrated TikTok’s Creator Marketplace API, only TikTok accounts that have joined TikTok’s Creator Marketplace will be discoverable via Discover search. The total number of accounts available in the Creator Marketplace is currently around 2 million influencers.

In order for an influencer to be part of TikTok Creator Marketplace, creators must:

  • Meet the minimum follower requirement. The exact number depends on the influencer’s location — for example, in the United States the requirement is 10,000 followers.
  • Be located in the 24 countries where TTCM is currently available: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Vietnam.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Possess a personal TikTok account (please switch from a business account).
  • Have at least 3 TikTok videos posted in the last 30 days.
  • Have at least 1,000 video views in last 30 days.
  • Create content that is appropriate for audiences 13 years of age and older.

Changes to Discover reports

As part of the TikTok agreement, Brandwatch Influence can only show data provided by TikTok Marketplace. This agreement allows Influence to provide higher TikTok data reliance and platform stability, but means that some of our current metrics that aren’t provided by TikTok Marketplace won’t be available in Influence anymore.

We will need to regenerate as many existing Discover reports as possible to be populated with TikTok Marketplace data and previous versions of those reports will not be accessible anymore. We will only be able to regenerate reports for TikTok accounts that are part of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace.


For all of the reasons above, we strongly recommend that you download influencer reports that are critical to you or your organization of the planned release in mid-March.

Current report sections and IQ data Available in TTCM Notes
Contact information (link to TikTok profile)  
Contact information (no info about influencer profiles in other social media networks)  
Analytics — Followers  
Analytics — Average views, Average comments, Average likes  
Analytics — Engagement rate  
Analytics — Followers growth Will be available as a filter in search in future versions of TikTok search in Influence
Account brand affinity  
Account interest  
Account lookalikes

It will only show a maximum of 30 lookalike creators.

Engagements metrics won’t be available for the lookalikes.

Audience Audience Quality, Age & Gender, Ethnicity &Language, Audience Lookalikes and Notable Followers
Popular posts  
Sponsored posts  
Frequent tags  

Report sections available in the first release

  • Account: Contact information, Analytics, Account Lookalikes
  • Posts: Popular posts

Reports sections available in first release.png

Changes to Discover filters

Please see the table below for a comparison between the current TikTok filters we support in Influence Discover and the filters we’ll be able to support after we integrate TikTok’s Creator Marketplace API to power our TikTok Discover search.

Current filters in Discover Available in TTCM Notes
Account type Under consideration for later release  
Average views  
Average engagements  
Engagement rate  
Followers growth Under consideration for later release  
Likes growth  
Audience location Major audience country
Influencer location  

Audience language

Influencer language  
Audience age Major audience age
Influencer age  
Audience gender Major audience gender
Influencer gender  
Audience lookalikes  
Influencer lookalikes  
Account and bio text  
Other platforms  
Publishing activity  
Creator categories  
Campaign count Under consideration for later release  

 Discover filters available in first release

  • Platform: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Followers range by influencer
  • Views range by influencer
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience and influencer location
  • Influencer language
  • Audience age: 18-24, 25-34, 35+
  • Audience gender: Male or female
  • Keywords by influencer
  • Creator categories

Discover filters available in first release.png

Changes to CRM

The biggest change in the CRM that will come with this release is that only TikTok accounts that are in TikTok’s Creator Marketplace will be possible to add as non-authenticated accounts.

However, this release will also enable us to support TikTok account authentication going forward, so any TikTok account can be added as an authenticated account in Influence.

How will existing TikTok accounts in CRM be affected?

For existing TikTok accounts that are non-TTCM:

We will no longer be able to track these accounts while they’re in the non-authenticated state. For us to resume tracking of this account, you will have two options:

  • Users will need to either invite the TikTok account to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace via the button available in the CRM profile, or:
  • Have the influencers add their TikTok accounts via the influencers' dashboard

For existing TikTok accounts that are already in TTCM:

These accounts can be kept and continued to be tracked. They will remain in the non-authenticated state until they’ve been authenticated by the influencer. Please note that previously tracked data for these accounts using the old TikTok data source will be removed from their Influence CRM profile to comply with TikTok’s policy. We started collecting data for these accounts in January 2024 using TikTok’s Creator Marketplace API, so by launch, it will have some data available to show for these accounts. Users can also optionally ask influencers to authenticate their accounts via the regular authentication method.

Types of TikTok accounts supported after release

After migration to TTCM, we will support the following types of accounts:

Non-TTCM accounts:

  • Must be authenticated
  • Can only be added via the influencers' dashboard or via the influencer application flow, directly into the authenticated state

TTCM accounts:

  • Can be either authenticated or non-authenticated
  • Can be added via the CRM as non-authenticated accounts

Note: Non-authenticated, non-TTCM accounts will not be supported in CRM.

Available account-level TikTok data before and after release

Account metrics Current support After TTCM Release
  For non-authenticated TikTok accounts For authenticated non-TTCM accounts For authenticated TTCM accounts For non-authenticated TTCM accounts
Audience locales
Average views
Engagement rate
Completion rate
Creator rate
Audience countries
Audience genders
Audience ages
Profile image
User name
Display name
Follower count
Like count
Video count
Creator ID
Average views
Average comments
Average likes
Followers growth
Follower credibility
Total posts
Audience reachability
Audience gender and age
Notable followers

Changes in Campaigns

The biggest change in Campaigns is the user’s workflow when running campaigns with TikTok accounts. We will no longer be allowed to detect campaign posts on TikTok using keyword detection, so users will have to send orders to the TikTok accounts that they will need to fulfill to have their campaign posts tracked. In addition, TikTok campaign posts will be displayed under the Published Posts tab and not alongside the campaign posts from other social networks.

How will current campaigns with existing TikTok accounts be affected?

  • Supported TikTok accounts — meaning authenticated TTCM accounts, non-authenticated TTCM accounts, and authenticated non-TTCM accounts — will be displayed as expected.

  • Non-supported accounts — meaning non-authenticated, non-TTCM accounts — will still be displayed but with an error message.

Non-TTCM account error message in Campaigns.png

Any previously captured posts in the campaign, meaning posts pulled from the old TikTok data source, will be hidden. To track the posts from TikTok accounts again, the user should create an order for the TikTok accounts and send the invite link/campaign code to the influencers.

Posts that have already been published to TikTok can be tied to an order using the campaign code. You can also choose to manually add posts to a campaign from the All Posts section, but this will lead to significantly fewer post statistics being available for the posts.

Available post-level TikTok data before and after release

Post metrics Current support After TTCM release
    Available for posts tracked via invite link/order Available for posts that are not tracked via invite link/order (Account type: Authenticated TTCM accounts and authenticated non-TTCM accounts) Available for posts that are not tracked via invite link/order (Account type: non-authenticated TTCM accounts)
Total engagements  ✗
Engagement rate  ✗
Reach  ✗  ✗
Video views
Total play time  ✗  ✗
Average play time  ✗  ✗
Video completion rate  ✗  ✗
Video view retention  ✗  ✗
Retention rate vs. Second  ✗  ✗
Audience age  ✗  ✗
Audience gender  ✗  ✗
Audience geography  ✗  ✗
Audience country  ✗  ✗

Changes for Influence Business API users

Please note that the Influence account_type will change to tiktok_creator.

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